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March 6, 2015

50 Years After Selma, The Fight for Voting Rights Continues

The sad reality is that -- despite the considerable progress made in the last five decades -- we are still fighting to ensure voting rights for every American.

This Drunk White Guy In A Pickup Explains All You Need To Know About Race And Policing

Ferguson Police
Michael B. Thomas via Getty Images

Freshman Republicans In Congress Are Just Getting Started

Jody Hice
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Another Moment Of Truth For Obamacare -- And For SCOTUS

Chief Justice Roberts
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Ben Carson Makes Serious Missteps On Sexual Orientation

Ben Carson
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rick Scott's 'Ugly Attack' Comes To An End

Rick Scott
Max Zorin via Getty Images

As Economy Continues To Improve, This Former Layoff Victim Is Back On His Feet

Unemployment Rate

What's Behind Mitch McConnell's Latest Gambit

Mitch Mcconnell
Bloomberg via Getty Images

As SCOTUS Weighs Obamacare, GOP Plans To Replace It

Paul Ryan

Senator Who Cited Snowball In Climate Change Debate Cites Scripture To Back Himself Up

Jim Inhofe
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Public Unions Sue Illinois Governor Over Blocking 'Fair Share' Fees

Bruce Rauner
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Growing Support For Same Sex Marriage Among 'Fastest Ever Measured'

Gay Marriage
lisafx via Getty Images

Edward Snowden Wants Switzerland To Grant Him Asylum

Edward Snowden
Handout via Getty Images

Biden: Denying Climate Change 'Like Denying Gravity'

Joe Biden

U.S. Adds 295,000 Jobs In February; Unemployment Rate Falls To 5.5%

Barack Obama

Scott Walker, Jeb Bush & Other Republicans Build 2016 Campaign Machines

Governor Scott Walker
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Jon Stewart: Even Ferguson's Police Dogs Are Racist

Ferguson Dogs
Comedy Central

The Problem Is Way Bigger Than Ferguson

Michael B. Thomas via Getty Images

John Kerry All But Rolls His Eyes Over The Hillary Clinton Email Controversy

John Kerry
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Queen Rania: Let's Drop The First ‘I' In ISIS. There's Nothing Islamic About Them

Rania Arianna
Ben Stevens Photography

Policlips Now: Ben Carson, Bibi's Speech And An Email Controversy


No Country Has Reached Gender Equality, UN Women Director Says

Women Equality
Digital Vision. via Getty Images

The Answer Clinton's 'Emailgate': Vote Warren In 2016

Hillary Email

State Department Reviewing Whether Clinton Emails Violated Security Rules

Hillary Clinton
Mike Coppola via Getty Images

Appeals Court Puts Same-Sex Marriages On Hold In Nebraska

Nebraska State Capitol
Yiming Chen via Getty Images

State With Highest Minimum Wage May Raise It Even Higher

Minimum Wage
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Americans Expect The 2016 Elections To Focus On Foreign Policy

Bush Foreign Policy
Scott Olson via Getty Images

McCain Suggests Clinton's Use Of Personal Email Was Hypocritical

John Mccain Hillary Clinton


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GOP Lawmaker Suggests Wolves Could Help Get Rid Of Homeless People

Don Young
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Alaska Sen. Murkowski Shames Her Colleagues For Taking A Snow Day

Lisa Murkowski
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Mitch McConnell Delays Vote On Iran Bill After Democrats Rebel

Mitch Mcconnell
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ex-Congressman Busted For Cocaine Starting Crisis PR Firm

Trey Radel
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Tennessee GOP On Economic Council For Women: But What About The Men?


These Kids Show It's Still Possible To Have Fun On Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Another State Considers Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana Plant

Kamala Harris Speaks Out On SCOTUS Challenge To Obamacare

Kamala Harris
Jason Merritt via Getty Images

Only Republican Woman To Chair House Committee Won't Seek Re-Election

Facebook: Candice Miller

Fox News Doesn't Care If Bill O'Reilly Is A Liar

Bill Oreilly
Donna Svennevik via Getty Images

Jodi Arias And A Nation That Sentences by Race

Jodi Arias

South Korea Police Seek Detention Warrant For Man Accused Of Attacking U.S. Ambassador

Mark Lippert
Handout via Getty Images

Big Win For Chelsea Manning

Bradley Manning
MLADEN ANTONOV via Getty Images