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The Conversation US

The Science Behind Hillary Clinton's Problems with Trust

The Conversation US | July 27, 2016 | Politics
By Jillian Jordan, Yale University and David Rand, Yale University Large swaths of the American public want Donald J. Trump to be their president - maybe even a majority, according to an analysis from Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight in late July. Many people - Democrats and...
Diane Abbott

Day Two of the Democratic Convention

Diane Abbott | July 27, 2016 | UK Politics
It took a black woman, in the shape of Michelle Obama, to bring some semblance of unity to the Democratic National Convention on its opening day on Monday. Boisterous Bernie Sanders supporters had booed loudly every time Hilary Clinton's name was mentioned from the platform. They even booed when their hero, Bernie Sanders himself, tried to entreat them to support both Hilary and her centrist Vice-Presidential pick Tim Kaine.
Roger Wolfson

Forget the DNC. The Real Scandal is in Florida

Roger Wolfson | July 27, 2016 | Politics
Try as I might, I can't really find a scandal in the wikileaks dump of the DNC's emails. It may turn out that Russia was involved - that would certainly be upsetting. But other than getting a refreshingly candid look inside major party fundraising techniques, I - like Dana Houle...
Ian Fletcher

Clinton Crony McAuliffe Confirms Hillary's Really Pro-TPP

Ian Fletcher | July 27, 2016 | Politics
Sanders would have opposed this thing for real. So now fair traders are left with Donald Trump.
Kathleen Frydl

The Democratic Wigwam: Day 1

Kathleen Frydl | July 26, 2016 | Politics
I have nothing against an inductive rather than deductive approach to political reasoning--that is, premised on observation rather than theory. In fact, I support it; the latter leads to a puerile dogmatism that rears its head on both the right and now, with troubling frequency, on the left as well.
Jay Smith

Divorce or Death, a Real Life Decision

Jay Smith | July 26, 2016 | Politics
When I was diagnosed with ALS, I was given two years to live. Two and a half years later here I am typing this article using my eyes, while being fed through a tube in my stomach and wearing a breathing mask to give my diaphragm a break. I am one of the lucky ones, and I'm thankful for that.
OpenSecrets Blog

Leaks Show DNC Asked White House To Reward Donors With Slots On Boards And Commissions

OpenSecrets Blog | July 26, 2016 | Politics
Comer's statements imply that the DNC could neither guarantee any specific position nor ensure that a person suggested would receive an appointment at all from the Obama administration.
Deborah J. Levine

Tribalism and the Vote

Deborah J. Levine | July 26, 2016 | Politics
As messy as tribalism may be, the tribes can also passionate, enthusiastic, creative and compelling. They produce leaders who are willing to take risks, to challenge what has gone before, to inspire others to do the same.
Paul Abrams

Urgent! No Security Briefing For Donald Trump: Sign Petition Immediately

Paul Abrams | July 26, 2016 | Politics
A few weeks ago, I urged everyone to sign a petition telling the Obama Administration not to provide Donald Trump a security briefing. Trump will use whatever they tell him for his own dark purposes.
Tom Falco

Hillary Wins Democratic Nomination

Tom Falco | July 26, 2016 | Politics
I used this cartoon for when Hillary won Iowa, oh, so many months ago. Now it means even more since she has won the Democratic nomination. The first woman ever do to this.
Chris Weigant

Breaking News -- Bernie Delegates Storm Media Tents

Chris Weigant | July 26, 2016 | Politics
A mild form of chaos has erupted. Almost immediately after Hillary Clinton was officially nominated by Bernie Sanders, at the end of the roll call of the Democratic delegates, hundreds of people streamed into the tent in a coordinated protest.
Judy Frankel

Insourcing: American Lose Jobs to H-1B Visa Workers

Judy Frankel | July 26, 2016 | Politics
If a company is done with an employee, guest workers often find themselves stranded in the U.S. without a job. After five years as an H-1B, employers are required to start paying social security, so the worker becomes less attractive. When the job is over, so is the visa, making them into illegals. Their staffing company may h
Tom Paine

Islamophobia: ISIS's Best Tool For Recruitment

Tom Paine | July 26, 2016 | Politics
Every time a terrorist attack occurs outside of the Middle East (whether in America, Belgium, France, or anywhere else), some politicians and citizens seem to automatically disregard the provisions of the First Amendment and start to exhibit Islamophobia.
Vijay K. Mathur

Focusing Only on Efficiency and Not Equality Has Backfired in Recent Political Debates

Vijay K. Mathur | July 26, 2016 | Politics
The GOP nominee for president, Donald Trump, opposes trade pacts like NAFTA and TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership (not yet approved by the Senate) in his campaign. These pacts reduce trade barriers and tariffs.
Randy Pennington

Who Changed?

Randy Pennington | July 26, 2016 | Politics
Something or more likely someone has changed over the past 20 years. Way back in the mid-1990's I offered a development program titled INTEGRITY-DRIVEN® Leadership. One of the exercises asked participants to list leaders they admired for their integrity and those that they didn't.
Alex Shams

Why Did The Munich Killer Beg Us To See Him As German?

Alex Shams | July 26, 2016 | Politics
This is a wake up call for the Iranian diaspora: enough with these pseudo-scientific racialist theories, enough with this Islamophobia disguised as critique of the Iranian government, enough with these attempts to assimilate by aiming to prove our Whiteness by all means possible.
Skyler Gray

Trump 2016: The Music Of Politics And The Politics Of Music

Skyler Gray | July 26, 2016 | Politics
For several election cycles, Republican candidates have been faced with famous rock musicians objecting to the use of their songs in connection with campaigning, and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is certainly no exception.
Carrie Lukas

The Democratic Insider Convention

Carrie Lukas | July 26, 2016 | Politics
The Democratic National Convention is featuring not only many of politic's biggest names, such as President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and former President Bill Clinton, but also Hollywood luminaries. A dozen A List celebs - including starlets Lena Dunham, Demi Lovato, Chloë Grace Moretz, Katy Perry, Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, and more - will speak or appear in Philadelphia in support of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.
Christopher Lamb

Tell Trump America Is Already Great Because It Has Rejected Demagogues Like Him

Christopher Lamb | July 26, 2016 | Politics
Clinton must present a strikingly different message to the one delivered last week by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. To do this, her speech should be short and sweet, in sharp contrast to Trump's rambling, "It's-Always-Darkest-Before-It-Gets-Pitch-Black" hooey.
OpenSecrets Blog

Concerts, Maritime Mingling And Loads Of Sponsors: Welcome To Philly!

OpenSecrets Blog | July 26, 2016 | Politics
While the RNC shindigs seemed to suffer a slow start, the Democratic National Convention hosted a successful first 24 hours of cushy events that promoted mingling between those on the public payroll and the corporate chieftains and lobbyists that underwrite the festivities.
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