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Jim Wallis

Who's in Control?

Jim Wallis | January 30, 2015 | Politics
I just returned from Davos, Switzerland, where the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is held each year. Leaders from business, government, and civil society all gather here to engage each other, make connections, and, hopefully, make progress on the mission statement of the WEF: "Committed to Improving the...
Raul Stolk

Venezuela Authorizes Use of Lethal Weapons on Protest Control

Raul Stolk | January 30, 2015 | Latino Voices
In Venezuela the armed forces are not allowed to enforce public order. The only component of the military that may act in certain civil defense roles is the National Guard, yet the new resolution does not distinguish. But that is just one small detail.
Jeff Danziger

Kim Jong Un and Putin

Jeff Danziger | January 30, 2015 | Politics
Kim Jong Un and Putin
Christopher Atamian

Armenians and Jews: Natural Allies, Kindred Spirits

Christopher Atamian | January 30, 2015 | Politics
Armenians and Jews share many things in common: they are both ancient Near Eastern people with a long and storied history.
Fernando Espuelas

Anti-Immigrant GOP Puts America in Danger

Fernando Espuelas | January 30, 2015 | Politics
Short of flying giraffes in the chamber of the House, nothing should surprise Americans about their Congress. The latest chapter in the GOP's high dysfunction as the "governing" party is the suggestion by some Republicans not to fund the Department of Homeland Security so as to stick a...
Michael Beyer

Choice Is a Privilege

Michael Beyer | January 30, 2015 | Education
In a town like Chicago, "choice" isn't a right, but a privilege based on income, class, and skin color.
Johann Hari

Philip Seymour Hoffman Could Be Alive Today If The Drug War Was Over

Johann Hari | January 30, 2015 | Politics
This weekend, it is a year since Philip Seymour Hoffman died, with a needle in his arm; and this year, it is a century since drugs were first criminalized. These two events may be connected. If the war on drugs had never happened, there is a significant chance that his death would not have happened either.
Elliott Negin

Mitch McConnell's Misguided Coal Crusade

Elliott Negin | January 30, 2015 | Politics
Flush from victory last November, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell threw down the gauntlet. "What the administration has done to the coal industry is a true outrage," he said, referring to the loss of mining jobs in his home state of Kentucky.
Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr.

How Best to Hold Federal Scientific Research Accountable

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. | January 30, 2015 | College
The surest route to success in scientific research is to foster a robust environment of scientific investigation and engage the finest minds in that pursuit.
Robert Naiman

Rep. Keith Ellison: Postpone Bibi's Speech to Congress

Robert Naiman | January 30, 2015 | Politics
We have a world-historical opportunity right now to help change the game in Washington on how people speak and think about the U.S. relationship to Israel.
S. L. Young

The Club Nobody Wants to Join: Mothers With Sons in Prison

S. L. Young | January 30, 2015 | Black Voices
There aren't any justifiable reasons that the alarming school-to-prison pipeline trends should continue. These systemic issues don't just take a village to address; it takes a nation and a world to resolve any ongoing and preventable injustices.
Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul

Two Years Later, Chicago Recalls Hadiya Pendleton's Promise

Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul | January 30, 2015 | Chicago
The national sense of urgency over the reckless violence that two years ago yesterday took the life of an honor roll student like Hadiya Pendleton -- who just a week earlier had performed at President Obama's inauguration -- has vanished. Yet there are signs of change here in Chicago, however gradual.
Peter Greene

What Is a Public School System, Really?

Peter Greene | January 29, 2015 | Education
One of the repeated tricks and techniques of reformsterism is to propose policies or procedures as beneficial for public education when in fact, intentionally or not, they are far more likely to damage public education.
Mark D. Weinberg

How to Fix the (Not-So) Secret Service

Mark D. Weinberg | January 29, 2015 | Politics
With a Presidential campaign likely to see many candidates who will need protection, a multi-city Papal visit, and a President who has vowed to be active, the next few months will be as challenging as any in memory for the Secret Service.
Jeff Schweitzer

The Conditional Sanctity of the Office of the President

Jeff Schweitzer | January 29, 2015 | Politics
We have to marvel at what Boehner did. No matter his personal feelings about Obama, he could only undermine his own president in foreign policy if he simply had no respect for the office of the president. Compare this with the GOP position during the Bush administration, when any criticism or effort to oppose Bush was tantamount to treason.
Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet

Trade Deals Would Open New Channels for Small Business Growth

Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet | January 29, 2015 | Politics
Passing new trade agreements would be critical to our smaller exporters, which don't have offshore affiliates to help them overcome trade barriers and gain market access. Trade promotion opens doors for small businesses that would otherwise remain closed.
Michael Friedman, Ph.D.

The NFL 'Playbook' for Defending Racism Against American Indians

Michael Friedman, Ph.D. | January 29, 2015 | Sports
The Washington team's inappropriate response is unfortunately consistent with the "playbook" that the Washington team and NFL continues to use to defend the offensive and harmful team name and logo of the Washington team.
Adrian Nazari

President's State of the Union and White House Proposals Do Little to Address Real Privacy and Data Security Concerns

Adrian Nazari | January 29, 2015 | Technology
While I share president Obama's goals, I fear the complexities of data security could lead to solutions that don't solve the problems -- or actually could make the problems worse.
Tim Profeta

The Climate Post: U.S.-India Climate Agreement Less Substantive Than U.S.-China Climate Deal

Tim Profeta | January 29, 2015 | Green
Rather than committing India to cap its emissions, the U.S.-India deal called for "enhancing bilateral climate change cooperation" in advance of the United Nations effort to reach an international agreement on emissions and finance in Paris in December.
Rick Olson

Why Preserving Pakistan's Cultural Heritage Should Matter to the United States

Rick Olson | January 29, 2015 | World
Through the preservation of cultural heritage sites in Pakistan and other countries, the United States can demonstrate our support for the principles of tolerance and respect for diversity that residents of this region have lived by for centuries.
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