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Chris Weigant

Friday Talking Points -- The Debate Debate

Chris Weigant | July 31, 2015 | Politics
In normal years, this would be the official kickoff to the political Silly Season -- the dog days of August when Congress scarpers off for five or six weeks to have fun in the sun at taxpayer expense, and the political chattering classes have so little material to work with...
Lauren Windsor

Koch Donor Fest Underway in Monarch Bay

Lauren Windsor | July 31, 2015 | Politics
Donors and staff of the Koch brothers political network are descending on the St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort for their yearly summer seminar. Tables have been brought out onto the Grand Lawn; security personnel roam the halls; and Charles Koch himself has arrived.
Nathan Gardels

Weekend Roundup: Turkey Enters the Syrian Quagmire to Fight ISIS -- And the Kurds

Nathan Gardels | July 31, 2015 | World
The Syrian quagmire, in which both the Islamic State and the Kurds have been fighting for territory, has now sucked in Turkey. Last week's ISIS attack on Turkish soil, Kurdish gains along the Syrian border and the surprise advance of the secular and liberal pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party in recent elections -- which clipped the parliamentary majority of President Erdoğan's neo-Islamist ruling party -- have conjoined into an explosive state of affairs. To boot, NATO, which is obliged to defend a member state under siege, has now been drawn into a three-way fray in which Turkey is lashing out at both the Kurdish resistance and ISIS. Writing from Istanbul, Behlül Özkan ominously foresees "Armageddon" descending on the region. Mustafa Akyol, also writing from the shores of the Bosphorus, argues that Erdoğan's assault on the Kurds in tandem with ISIS is aimed at bolstering his nationalist credentials at home in order to block the HDP, which stands in the way of his autocratic vision. (continued)
Marian Wright Edelman

Hanging On to Hope to Keep Black Men and Boys Alive

Marian Wright Edelman | July 31, 2015 | Politics
South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of the world's leading peace and justice advocates, has called Bryan Stevenson "America's Nelson Mandela." He has gotten innocent men off death row, successfully argued before the U.S. Supreme Court multiple times, including to ban "death sentences."
Daniel R. DePetris

Ted Cruz Just Disqualified Himself for President, Part II

Daniel R. DePetris | July 31, 2015 | Politics
One can argue whether President George W. Bush and President Barak Obama's policies are wrong or foolish, but you can't argue the fact that both men exhibited the characteristics of patience during times of crisis or confrontation. Can we say the same thing about Ted Cruz?
Nancy K. Kaufman

Reflections on the Anniversary of Medicare

Nancy K. Kaufman | July 31, 2015 | Politics
The purpose of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act taken together is to ensure that as a nation, we at long last have a viable national health care system. Our birthday wish on the anniversary of the government programs that launched us on the journey to universal care is that we strengthen our commitment to ensure every US resident has the coverage she or he needs
Keith Rushing

White America, It's Time to Be Uncomfortable and OK With It

Keith Rushing | July 31, 2015 | Black Voices
To white Americans who are uncomfortable, I say: welcome to our world. You may be uncomfortable for a while until we make America a truly fair and racially just society.
Betty Taylor

Vicky's Story

Betty Taylor | July 31, 2015 | Crime
According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness website, more than half of all jail and prison inmates have a recent history or symptoms of a mental health problem. An estimated 31 percent of women and 14.5 percent of men in jails have a serious mental illness.
Howard Simon

Free Speech Is No Threat to Gun Ownership

Howard Simon | July 31, 2015 | Politics
Florida legislators have lost their way on the issue of guns. There is a constitutional right (both state and federal) to own a gun. I get it! But the Second Amendment doesn't trump the First Amendment: The two are not even in conflict.
Guy Golan

Can the U.S. Counter ISIS on Social Media?

Guy Golan | July 31, 2015 | Politics
In order to successfully counter ISIS online recruitment, both the message and messenger should be of Sunni origin. It is the grassroots Sunni religious leadership not Western powers that can effectively articulate the threat that ISIS poses not only to people of the Middle East but also to Islam itself.
Fu Ying

China's New Silk Road Promises Prosperity Across Eurasia

Fu Ying | July 31, 2015 | World
SINGAPORE -- By developing more arteries for connectivity, we should be able to build new blood vessels of development for disadvantaged economies in Asia's hinterlands to create prosperity and opportunities and improve the competitiveness of the whole region.
Kelly James Clark

Muslims, Mass Shootings and the Media

Kelly James Clark | July 31, 2015 | Media
My analysis of the media coverage related to each mass shooting revealed a pattern. For every non-Muslim shooting suspect, the media never mentioned their religion. Moreover, in nearly every case, it was claimed that the mass shooters were suffering from some sort of mental instability.
Joe Cirincione

Congressional Support for Iran Deal Grows, Chris Van Hollen's Statement Could Be the Tipping Point

Joe Cirincione | July 31, 2015 | Politics
Van Hollen also addressed his hawkish colleagues in Congress, many of whom decried the deal even before fully reading it, who have been quick to move the goalposts of the agreement to include everything Iran does that we find objectionable.
Christopher Brauchli

Immigrants, Guns and Congress

Christopher Brauchli | July 31, 2015 | Politics
Such as do build their faith upon, The holy text of pike and gun. Samuel Butler, Hudibras It depends on two things-who is the actor and who is the victim. Those two things determine how people respond. The one thing it does not depend on is what the...
Anna Giraldo Kerr

The Unexpected Legacy of Cecil the Lion

Anna Giraldo Kerr | July 31, 2015 | Politics
Let's honor those we mourn--animal and human--and the causes we hold dear by empathizing, strategizing and mobilizing. Let the killing of Cecil be a catalyst for moving all issues forward and not use it as an excuse to stay in the merry-go-around of anger, judgment and contempt.
Mohammad Taqi

Mullah Omar's Death Breaks the Back of the Taliban

Mohammad Taqi | July 31, 2015 | World
The height of the Pakistani state's chutzpah is that it does not only harbor these terrorists for decades and unleash them on the neighbors and the world, but also that it wants to be given credit and a thank you note even when America or Allah takes them out. The fundamental question about Mullah Omar's death in Karachi is who in Pakistan knew about his presence there, when did they know it and what, if anything at all, did they do about it.
Maritza Stanchich, Ph.D.

Puerto Rico's Symbolic Power

Maritza Stanchich, Ph.D. | July 31, 2015 | Politics
Given Puerto Rico's heightened media visibility, no doubt the world now has its eyes on how the United States will respond to the needs of the island, one of the last colonies in the world.
Sen. Patrick Leahy

Undermining Our Third Branch and Delaying Justice

Sen. Patrick Leahy | July 31, 2015 | Politics
These nominees are eminently qualified and deserve better treatment from Senate Republicans. Several of them have Republican support, yet they are being blocked from consideration by Majority Leader McConnell.
Joel Rubin

Congressional Republicans Need to Take the Iran Deal Seriously

Joel Rubin | July 31, 2015 | Politics
Secretary of State John Kerry and a team of skilled negotiators achieved a national security miracle: a diplomatic deal that blocks Iran's path to a nuclear bomb. This should be a cause for celebration in both Washington and Jerusalem. Yet for Republicans in Congress, it is not.
Hilary Gowins

Why the White House Is Opening Up About Occupational Licensing

Hilary Gowins | July 31, 2015 | Politics
It's not just doctors and lawyers who need a license to work. More than 1,000 occupations, such as upholsterers and hair braiders, are subject to regulation in at least one state across the country.
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