Beauty and the Brain

02/13/2011 03:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Make Up
Valentines Day must be second only to Halloween in terms of lingerie fixation. But unlike Halloween in which women everywhere unleash their inner Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion (respectable women behaving or at least looking like sex workers) the lingerie is not seen in public. So with all this attention being paid to what's underneath, what about your choice of make up? In particular your lip color choice.
I have always believed that your lipstick (or gloss) can send subliminal messages to that very basic of gender... men.

So to make sure your Valentine's date night lips aren't saying something that you don't intend, here is my guide.

PINK LIPS say "I am sweet and you can introduce me to your mother"
FROSTED PINK LIPS say "I am a bit behind the times and you can introduce me to the 21st Century"
MATTE NUDE LIPS - " I considered wearing Birkenstocks tonight"
SHIMMERY GLOSSY NUDE LIPS - "Do you watch the Jersey Shore?"
CORAL LIPS - "I intend to be home in my PJ's by 11pm"
MATTE RED LIPSTICK - " You need to work hard pal"
GLOSSY RED LIPS - " Myself and my lip color is going to be all over you"
WINE COLORED LIPS- " Do you read Tolstoy?"
ROSE COLORED LIPS - " Are you Mr. Darcy?
NOTHING LEFT ON THE LIPS - "What's for breakfast?"

So ask not what lipstick to do but you want your lipstick to do for you this Valentines Day!