01/15/2014 10:19 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2014

Spain's Picture-perfect Cycling Trails


Spain is one Pure Adventures' top-selling self-guided cycling destinations. The country's pleasant climate and extraordinary cuisine are natural reasons to want to visit Spain, but when our travelers return from their vacations, the first thing they say is they can't believe how beautiful the Spanish countryside is! Our new cycling vacations in Spain (White Villages of Andalusia, Moorish Spain, Andalusia Alpujarra, Mallorca and El Camino Saint James Way) each take in the most picturesque trails and routes throughout the country. Here are our favorite along-the-way trails on our new tours.

easy cycling trails in spain Campanet, Mallorca Mallorca is a favorite destination for both recreational cyclists and amateur road cycling athletes, namely for the easy cycling along dedicated paved lanes. However, we urge you to leave the road bike behind and climb aboard one of our hybrid bikes to explore the woods outside of Campanet. This 43 kilometer cycling trail takes you beneath the canopy of ancient pine, olive, almond and oak trees all the way to the the foothill village of Campanet. Once in Campanet, a visit to the Coves de Campanet round out a magical day of travel.

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Descending into the foothills of the Sierra de la Alfaguara
Descending into Olivares, the plains and foothills surrounding the Alfaguara Mountains are breathtaking. This area, once destroyed by forestry and wildfires, has been carefully restored and full of wildlife including wild boar and goats. The Sierra Nevada forms an impressive backdrop to this challenging off-road ride. Mountain bikes or heavier hybrids recommended.

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Alpujarra mountain region The Alpujarra is a region of mountain villages to the south of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with sheltered valleys and gorges running down towards the Mediterranean Sea. The region, declared a National Park and Nature Reserve is home to an authentic treasure of flora and fauna, making it the perfect place to hike! Trails throughout the region consist of unpopulated singletrack -- ideal for mountain bikers.

cycling the st james way trail in spain El Camino - St. James Way Trail Since the Middle Ages, pilgrims from all over Europe were attracted by the grave of the apostle James at Santiago de Compostela at the far North-Western tip of Spain. Today, both hikers and cyclists from around the world follow the pilgrims trail and are impressed by the experience, whether from a spiritual, cultural or sportive point of view. Pure Adventures follows the last 300 kilometers of this historic trail system.

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A visit to Jerez is part of our White Villages of Andalusia tour, and the route we travel to this quiet village and it's famous equestrian school takes you past vibrant Andalusian farmlands. Quiet country roads are ideal for side-by-side cycling and of course, soaking in the sights.