The 7 Dirtiest Places in Your House

05/19/2015 11:52 am ET | Updated May 19, 2016

On a scale of one to tidy, we'd give ourselves about a seven. We put used socks in the hamper. When we spill coffee grounds all over the floor, we generally sweep them up. But is there more we could be doing? Yes. Always.

We checked in with Donna Smallin Kuper -- certified house cleaning technician (yes, that's a job), author and all-around organizing super-person -- for some tips on the places we're probably missing.

Read on... disinfectant in hand.

The Walls Behind The Toilet. Here's why.


Faucet Aerators Here's why.


Silverware Drawer Organizer Here's why.


The Kitchen Counter Here's why.


Light Fixtures Here's why.


Refridgerator Door Handle Here's why.


Behind and Underneath Your Coffee Maker Here's why.


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