03/31/2015 05:46 am ET | Updated May 31, 2015

Would You Put Snail Slime On Your Face?

Taking cues from the ever-innovative Korean beauty industry, Americans are gradually warming to the bizarre ingredients Korean women have sworn by for years.

From donkey milk to horse oil, here are six of the strangest products to consider.

Snail Mucin
Mucin--that slime a snail secrets as it moves--facilitates the restoration of damaged tissue, making it ideal for reducing the appearance of pigmentation and scarring. Learn more.


Donkey Milk
Very similar in composition to human milk, donkey milk is a super-effective anti-inflammatory. It contains tons of vitamins and antibacterial enzymes to hydrate, nourish and help skin regenerate. Learn more.


Horse Oil
Because of its high concentration of fatty acid, horse oil penetrates deep into the skin, and has been used to heal burns, cuts and insect bites, as well as provide intense moisture. Learn more.


We've already told you about the hype surrounding drinkable whey, so it's no surprise that the by-product of cheesemaking is being milked, so to speak, for its protein-packed beauty benefits. The natural protein hydrates and firms skin but should be avoided by women with lactose intolerance. Learn more.


Starfish Extract
Go figure: a species that can rejuvenate lost limbs is now being used to regenerate skin cells. Learn more.


Pig Collagen
Could pig collagen be the secret to restoring skin to its plump, pre-wrinkled glory? Maybe, but even if it doesn't reduce lines, it's ultra-hydrating and works great as a nighttime mask. Learn more.


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