iPad Test

06/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

USC New Media Professor and author Andrew Lih shows us his new iPad in the movie below.

Andrew speculates that the magazine industry might be in for a nice surprise if the iPad changes us from being active content producers on the web -- think YouTube -- to becoming more passive consumers of information, their information.

But Content Matter says iPad won't save print and people won't stop producing content.

After yesterday's iFail post a fight broke out in the comments section between the Mac defenders and detractors.

One of the more interesting points, which I hadn't considered, is that by not including a standard USB port where you can plug in, for example, a mouse. Now, you'll be forced to buy an Apple mouse.

The comment comes from "deepfreezevideo" who says that he'll wait for the competitors to introduce something with standard ports so he can use "off-the-shelf keyboards, mice, external displays and many other accessories."

But the question becomes who are the competitors? There's the JooJoo Tablet, yawn. I'm psyched about Light Blue Optics' invention of a projector that "instantly turns any flat surface into a touch screen." I doubt the technology is quite there yet with this product, but one day it could be very cool.

But for now we have the iPad, take a tour below: