04/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You've Heard of Sh** My Dad Says? How About Stuff Ray Bradbury Says?

We caught up with the sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury, who has a musical up in Pasadena. Watch a video of him sounding off on Bo Derek, computers and Fahrenheit.

(You can hear that interview on the lastest CyberFrequencies' podcast.)

Bradbury's Wisdom 2116 is a robotic love story about the bitter-sweet beauty of growing old as humans. The music is catchy, the dance is great and best of all it's only 50 minutes - now that's entertainment!

Bradbury wrote the musical for an old couple he'd befriended as a young man. But it took more than 50 years for Wisdom 2116 to be staged.

Bradbury's 89-years-old now and says the musical makes him cry because he's "seen what age does."

We jumped at the chance to meet Ray Bradbury at his home in Los Angeles -- CyberFreak Tanya Jo Miller has been geeking out on him since she was a little girl.

And she's not alone. Every time I mention the interview, people swoon and their eyes get a twinkle and if you listen closely, it's their younger selves spilling stories of the Illustrated Man, Fahrenheit, Martian Chronicles...

So CyberFreaks, enjoy!

- Queena Kim

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Wisdom 2116
Catch the musical at the Fremont Center Theatre in Pasadena.