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Dogs Are the New Kids

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Dog owners often claim that their dogs are just like kids, and thanks to a raft of new products and services, they're getting closer to being right.

Adopting a fur-baby (yes, that's what they're really called) can mean feeding it with a bottle, baking it special puppy food, outfitting it in diapers and hiding the diapers under cute little leopard print panties.

Puppy gear that imitates baby gear includes carrying slings and jogging strollers, hand-smocked dresses and car safety seats. We take our fur-babies to daycare and to yoga classes, arrange play dates and throw first birthday parties.

Since we're having fewer babies later or not having them at all, it makes sense that there are now more dogs -- 78 million -- than children under 18 -- just shy of 72 million according to the latest Census figures -- living at home in the U.S. And often, they're enjoying equal treatment.

Dogs Are The New Kids
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