04/15/2014 11:24 am ET Updated Jun 15, 2014

5 Steps to Natural Easter Egg DIY

Chris Stein via Getty Images

Did you know that many egg dyes contain chemicals that aren't safe for kids?

These can include propylparaben -- an endocrine disruptor that can wreak havoc on your hormones -- and sodium lauryl sulfate, a bubble-making ingredient used in cleaning and personal care products, as well as food dyes that may possibly be linked to ADHD. Do you really want your kids to be eating that?

Instead, try this easy DIY to make natural egg dyes from frozen fruits and veggies that are already in your freezer.

Step One: Hard boil eggs, then let cool.

Step Two: Mix one cup frozen vegetables (blueberries for purple, spinach for chartreuse, cranberries for pink) to one cup water, then add ¼ cup white distilled vinegar.

Step Three: Microwave for five minutes, then let cool.

Step Four: Strain out the fruit and reserve the juice -- now dye -- in a bowl or cup that's deep enough to cover an egg.

Step Five: Dip your eggs, beginning with a few minutes and increasing time for more intense color.

Thank you, Easter bunny!