12/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Things Obama Can Do ASAP

President Elect Obama (smiling broadly) should do ten things as soon as possible:

1. Name his Treasury Secretary to soothe the markets. They don't like uncertainty. Doing so can act as a "stent" in the clogged arteries of credit lenders until he takes office and might save Christmas for small businesses who need to buy inventory now.

2. Speak publicly about his regulatory intentions for banks and send a transition team to Treasury.

3. Announce a WPA-like infrastructure project to rebuild crumbling bridges, roads, levees will be the first order of business.

4. Announce his plan for a Conservation Corp that will be building Green Infrastructure.

5. During the lame duck session of Congress pass a Foreclosure Freeze until well into the first weeks of the 111th Congress and pass a stimulus package.

6. Name his Defense Secretary. Call for an end to air raiding villages in Afghanistan as President Karzai has asked today. 40 Civilians at a wedding party were killed today by US air-strikes and 28 wounded. This is ginning up the Insurgents.

7. Meet with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Explain that we have a mandate. Let them know he intends to be bold. Their constituencies are the house and the senate and they have to sell it. Being overly cautious and timid is not the way to undo the damage that was done by the radical right. Physics is physics. Clinton governed from the middle and it was perceived as weakness and exploited by Newt Gingrich.

8. Make Joe Lieberman Ambassador to The Palestinian Territories!

9. Do The Randi Rhodes Show!

10. Buy those beautiful girls a puppy. Tip: Yorkies and Silkys don't shed!

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