11/12/2010 07:14 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Air Cargo Terror and the Accession of Rep. Peter King To Chair House Committee on Homeland Security

The attempt to destroy airplanes in midair and, as we recently learned, timed to detonate while in flight over the Eastern United States brings home once again the serious threat to the nation being relentlessly plotted by terrorist deviants, committed to murdering as many Americans as they can.

Having witnessed from only eight blocks away, the planes fly toward and crash into the Twin Towers, and all its horrid aftermath including their collapse, terrorism is an issue that has haunted me as so many others. My anxieties and fears have been honed in large measure by personal experience. While in the Navy many years ago I served as the Assistant District Security Officer of what was then known as the Third Naval District. The District had as one of its mandates coordination on New York Harbor Security. In preparation for the assignment I was instructed in the manifold aspects of atomic, biological and chemical warfare.

Today, the weaponry has not significantly changed, but the nature of those willing to bring them or any method into play has. Clearly the volition to do us harm has not abated since 9/11, and perhaps now, as witnessed in the air-cargo plot, more than ever in recent experience, we need be acutely vigilant.

For that reason, in order to help us all understand what we are up against, I would like to take the liberty of pointing to, political proclivities aside, what could well be deemed a clarion call by Rep. Peter King who will become the Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, which appeared this week in the New York Post. It should be required reading for all Americans.

Read King's full article here.