Battle Stations, Battle Stations. Sneak Attack By Democratic Energy Benedict Arnolds

05/25/2011 12:15 pm ET
  • Raymond J. Learsy Author, 'Ruminations on the Distortion of Oil Prices and Crony Capitalism'

Having posted just two days ago "As Oil Approaches $100, Is Saudi Arabia Waging Resource Aggression Against The American People and The World Economy" which dealt with our administrations obsequiousness toward the Saudi's and those policies detrimental to our national interest. The post ended with the sentence, "Rarely, if ever in the history of the Republic has there been such a divergence of the nation's interests and those of the vested interests that formed this administration."

The administration's record on the pending energy crisis is bad enough. One would have hoped that the newly elected Congress had gotten the message and would begin to act in a way to meaningfully head off the looming energy disaster. But no! Showing themselves to be the footsoldiers of OPEC and their henchmen in the US oil industry, the Democrats (those luminaries Reid and Pelosi) decided to drop the renewable energy standard out of the energy bill and drop the tax title (see Toby Barlow's "News Alert: If You Love Renewable Energy, It's Time to Freak Out" 11/09/07). No tax title means no extension of the investment tax credit for wind nor solar, adding up to precisely zero for renewable energy in the energy bill. Bravo!

So much for a brave new Congress, so much for a brave new vision. That the oil lobby has the administration in its claws is a given. With a new Congress we were hoping for a new dawn. Fuhghetaboutit America! The oil industry has bought them too. Special interests are raping this nation. So turn off the lights, pull down the shades, close your eyes, and enjoy the best you can.

Raymond J. Learsy is the author of the updated "Over a Barrel: Breaking Oil's Grip On Our Future"