05/03/2007 11:35 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Clinton's Barnstorming Achievement: "She Didn't Like The Configuration of the Cabin"

Quite incredibly, in this age of global precariousness, Hillary Clinton trashed her moral suasion on the issue of global warming by commandeering three separate aircraft in one 24 hour period of barnstorming. On Thursday evening a Gulf Stream II brought Clinton to Washington from South Carolina. The plane was sent back empty to South Carolina 46 minutes later, there to await Clinton's arrival back in South Carolina the next day. On Friday she used a Hawker private jet to fly to Greenville, South Carolina and then used the waiting Gulfstream II to fly the 25 minute hop to Columbia South Carolina.

And continuing, having already created a carbon footprint the size of a herd of elephants Madam determined that, according to the New York Post, that "she didn't like the configuration of the Cabin" of the Gulfstream II. Well, what to do? Then in one of those great environmentally sensitive moments that will live in carbon footprint history she scrambled a Gulfstream III to be flown down empty from Westchester New York to South Carolina in order to fly her off to San Diego.

Now one should have nothing against the use of private aircraft especially where there are scheduling needs and flexibility constraints. Private aircraft are a facilitator in the mix of deal making, and deal making helps make the world go round. However one cannot help but take umbrage in being lectured at about the gathering environmental disaster, by those who do not have the slightest interest in leading by example. This especially so on an issue of such importance, and so needful of self discipline. It is a blatant failing from an aspiring presidential candidate who has not flinched from instructing us about the dangers of global warming

Mrs. Clinton, a humble word of advice. Don't let the photographers catch you riding, Michael Dukakis style, saluting and helmeted at the wheel of a Hummer.