Newt Gingrich Announces His Candidacy for Worst Video of the 2012 Campaign

05/12/2011 10:35 pm ET | Updated Jul 12, 2011

Last time around, I dissected Mitt Romney's less-than-spectacular and slightly creepy campaign announcement video.

Newt Gingrich, however, has managed to knock the bar of quality down to a new low for the 2012 campaign season.

For my audio commentary on the Gingrich campaign debut video, check out the following clip:

Verdict: this video is a hopelessly dated mess.

Worse still, this video is the product of a campaign that strategically chose to deliver their big announcement on Twitter. How could they have fumbled the ball so badly on this wretched video?

To be fair, Gingrich isn't all that far behind the other candidates when it comes to web video. A word of advice to the candidates, both in 2012 and beyond: the field is still open for a dark horse candidate to revolutionize political video. Be creative. Engage your audience. Show us a glimpse of your humanity for once. And most importantly, understand that spending more money on production is not the answer.

Maybe that candidate is out there, and 2012 will be the watershed moment. Until then, we're stuck with this.