07/21/2011 02:53 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

Hunger and Food Insecurity in Epic Proportions (Video)

If America is the greatest nation in the world -- and there are many who feel we may justifiably consider ourselves so -- why can't we eliminate (or significantly reduce) hunger and food insecurity in this country?

We would do well to listen to what Rachel Bristol, longtime CEO of the Oregon Food Bank, has to say on this subject. Bristol has 30 years' experience on the front lines working with people in poverty, and she knows the terrible truth.

It is our society that is largely to blame for the huge numbers of people living in poverty, and unable to properly feed themselves and their families. And it's a problem that can only be solved if we take it on as a societal issue of national importance.

Perhaps it's time to put aside our outmoded personal ideologies that have not served us well. As America celebrates its 235 years of existence -- founded on the principles of individual freedom -- we find ourselves consigned to a form of economic tyranny that directly undermines our democracy, and limits our future greatness.

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