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Limitless: Just Say Yes

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By the end of last night's premiere of Limitless, a new movie starring Bradley Cooper, everyone wanted to have what he has: the dream drug for over-achievers that keeps his character so upbeat and so focused, he simply cannot fail. A novelist with chronic writers block and scruffy hair, Eddie pens his book, learns the piano, French, gets a sharp suit and haircut, and speeds forward figuring out corporate finances for himself and for a Wall Street mogul played by Robert DeNiro. Whew! With the strength of superman, he fells the refrigerator-sized mobsters who want his stash. And keeping up with the breakneck speed of his mind, the cinematography takes you for a splendid ride.

Bradley Cooper, so good in one of my all-time favorites, Wedding Crashers, is probably best known for The Hangover. He is simply thrilling in this movie, his blue eyes blazing with intensity. And Abbie Cornish, as delicate as a poem in Bright Star, holds her own in this contemporary caper. Next up for her, a film directed by Madonna.

Alas, when the movie's stars Cooper, Cornish, DeNiro, TV Carpio, Tomas Arana, director Neil Burger, caught up with Patricia Clarkson, Denise Rich, Oliver Platt, Jason Bateman, Noah Emmerich, Chaz Palminteri, Ryan Kavanaugh, James Lipton, Giancarlo Esposito, and others at Buddakan for an after party, it soon became clear that the pills in cellophane strewn across the restaurant's tables were mere placebo. Fortunately cocktails made with DeLeon tequila were on hand for a quick fix.

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