07/20/2011 09:17 pm ET | Updated Sep 19, 2011

No Shrinking Snow Flower: Wendi Murdoch in Southampton

Just before she became all the rage on the news, backing her husband Rupert in hearings about the British tabloid scandal, famously diverting the path of a cream pie, Wendi Murdoch was interviewed in Southampton on Saturday at a private screening of a movie she co-produced with Florence Sloan, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Hosted by Andrea Glimcher and Kelly Sugarman, and sponsored by The Pace Gallery, Beijing, the screening was attended by director Wayne Wang and a diverse crowd including Rudy Giuliani, Prince Dmitri of Yugoslavia, and Barbara Walters. Martha Stewart, who will be honored at this summer's Guild Hall gala on August 12, interviewed Murdoch and director Wayne Wang, sticking entirely to the film, eschewing any mention of the news in London. Surely it was like the proverbial elephant in the room.

Based upon a novel by Lisa See, the film is beautifully shot in China featuring friendship in two time periods, the Chinese practice of footbinding, and a secret language. Here are highlights from the interview:

Stewart: How did this project originate, how did all the elements come together?

Murdoch: I read the book. I loved it. I grew up in China in an environment similar to this story. My grandmother had bound feet. I teamed up with Florence and we found out that Wayne loved the book too.

Stewart: How has the film been received in China?

Murdoch: The film is well very received in China. It played against a big political propaganda epic and we still did better than everyone expected.

Stewart: Tell us how this experience has been for you as a first time producer?

Murdoch: I had support from everyone I knew. A lot of people who were producer friends were very generous with their help.

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