Rock Star Envy: Alec Baldwin and Billy Joel at Guild Hall

09/05/2010 06:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Did I detect a note of jealousy at Guild Hall where the Q&A following the screening of Last Play at Shea? The documentary traces the demolition of the famed ball park and home of the Mets through the history of rock performed there, from a legendary Beatles concert back in the day to Paul McCartney's joining Billy Joel for Shea's last play.

Alec Baldwin, board member of the Hamptons International Film Festival and Hamptons resident at large lauded Billy Joel to the skies for his artistry, musicianship, and with a little help from the audience, for his menschlechkeit. Lorraine Bracco wanted to know how Joel survived Hicksville High, and the piano man talked about his interest in boosting the arts and music programs in public education. But then the true source of Baldwin's envy came out-the gorgeous blond sitting in the back wearing a black fedora.

I saw you at a concert, said the 30 Rock star to the rock star. Your ex-wife Christie Brinkley was cheering you on. You would ask, hey Christie, where were we when I wrote this song? I don't have that kind of relationship with my ex, where she would buy a ticket to see me. In fact, I have something like the Empire State Building shoved up my ass. To which Billy shouted out, hey Christie, did you really buy a ticket?

And it was not just a show of humility: it is safe to say that the evening proved there is always someone perceived as better, someone, in fact, to envy, and he lives nearby. Boasting about the invitation, the stars were off to Amagansett, to a party chez Sir Paul.

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