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October 23, 2014

The Third Way: A Response to the Southern Baptist Convention

The past few months and years, the church has become increasingly polarized on the LGBT debate. We have neglected to see the importance of what Jesus prayed. Our churches have become dysfunctional and our witness has diminished.

Science, Religion And Our Assumptions

Science And Religion
agsandrew via Getty Images

New Chicago Archbishop Won't Live In $14.3 Million Cardinal's Mansion

Blase Cupich

#Muslims4Ferguson Takes To Twitter To Protest Police Brutality

Ferguson Protests

Striking Professors At General Theological Seminary Respond Positively To School's Offer

General Theological Seminary

Donald and Lynn Knapp, The 'Hitching Post' and the Sanctity of the Wedding Mill

Two Men Wedding Cake

Mormon Church Reveals The Truth Behind 'Magical Underwear' In New Video

Mormon Underwear
YouTube/Mormon Newsroom

Stone Discovered In Jerusalem May Answer A Nearly 2,000 Year-Old Question

Jerusalem Stone
MENAHEM KAHANA via Getty Images

Mark Driscoll's Children Caught In The Crossfire

Mark Driscoll

Synod's Discussion On Gay Marriage Was Too Confusing For At Least One Archbishop

Charles Chaput

Conversions Performed By Voyeuristic Rabbi Still Legitimate: Israel Rabbinate

Barry Freundel
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Brazil's Wildly Popular Virgin Mary Procession Draws Millions -- Even Though Its Citizens Are Leaving The Church

Chad Richard

7 Takeaways From Vatican's Synod On The Family

Vatican Synod

Kirk Cameron's Bizarre Reason For Celebrating Halloween

Kirk Cameron Actor
Chris Maddaloni via Getty Images

Debating My Gay Marriage? Don't Do Me Any Favors

Paul And Brad

ON Scripture - Bible
Reformation Then and Now -- Dismantling Walls Today (Psalm 46)

Josh Liba via Getty Images

Singing Nun First Single is... Like A Virgin

Sister Cristina
Sister Cristina/YouTube

70 Faces Of Torah
'We Are All Noah Now" (Noah, Genesis 6:9-11:32)'

Leora Mallach
Leora Mallach

Daily Meditation: Soulmates

altrendo images via Getty Images

How A Near-Death Experience Inspired Bill Maher's Executive Producer To Write His Latest Play

Scott Carter
Scott Carter

Mikvahs Tightening Security After Rabbi's Hidden Camera Scandal

Jew in the City / YouTube

Hope For General Theological Seminary As Board Will Consider Rehiring Faculty

Pope: 'God Is Not Afraid Of New Things'


Think Hillsong's Brian Houston Is Open To Same-Sex Marriages? Think Again

Brian Housotn
Hillsong TV / YouTube

Seventh-Day Adventists To Vote On Women's Ordination In 2015

Preparing For Ebola?

Ebola Church
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

The Radical Jesus Of Jefferson, Dickens And Tolstoy

Jefferson Dickens Tolstoy Discord
Michael Lamont

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Stunning 85% Of Young Catholics Support Gay Equality

Protest Catholic Gay

Why Pope Paul VI, Who Officially Banned Birth Control For Catholics, Is One Step Closer To Sainthood

Pope Paul Vi
Religion News Service

What Happens After Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jews Break Away From Their Religion?

Ultra Orthodox New York

LGBT Christians Are Not An 'Issue' They Are 'The Church'

Nadia Bolz Webber
Nadia Bolz Webber

Black Savagery and "Voodoo" Horror at Universal Studio's Bayou of Blood

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Music Of World Religion Showcased In Full A Capella Glory

Chicago A Capella

The Reason You Can't Always Hear The Moderate Muslim Voices

Women Muslim
Getty Images/Imagebroker RF

15 Problems You'll Only Understand If You're a Jew Who Doesn't 'Look Jewish'

Sarah Gladstone Blog Post
Sarah Gladstone

Tibetan Monks And Nuns Come Alive In Photographic Splendor

Haik Kocharian

Why I'd Still Believe In God Even if the Bible was a Fairytale

Black Hole

What Will The Synod Really Mean For LGBT Catholics?


LOST IN TRANSLATION: 'Providing' for Homosexuals vs 'Welcoming' Them

Take A Look Inside China's Secret Churches

Chinese Christians
Kevin Frayer / Getty Images