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November 1, 2014

The 5 Scariest Teachings of Jesus

Jezebel Joseph Yarrow via Getty Images

Halloween is a celebration of artificial fear. No goblins or witches are really going to cause harm to us. For Christians, the deeper and more genuine fear may come from within our own faith.

Who Is This Pope Francis And What Does He Really Want For The Church?

Pope Francis
Franco Origlia via Getty Images

Aasif Mandvi Opens Up On His 'Complicated Relationship' With His Faith

Aasif Mandvi
Tibrina Hobson via Getty Images

This Dad Is the Reason I Was an Undercover Muslim

Noor Tagouri
Noor Tagouri

Demons, Exorcisms and The Spirit World

Devil Art
De Agostini Picture Library via Getty Images

Israel Reopens Al Aqsa Mosque For Muslim Prayer

Al Aqsa
JACK GUEZ via Getty Images

Daily Meditation: All Souls

Rob Stothard via Getty Images

Muslim Woman Receives Text Asking For Help With ISIS Costume

Getty Images

An Evangelical Alternative To Halloween

Hell House
aruba200 via Getty Images

Preaching Without Words

Makoto Fujimura

Won't Someone PLEASE Think of the Candy?

Trick Or Treating

Boy George's Eloquent Explanation Of His Evolving Spirituality

Boy George
David M. Benett via Getty Images

35 Powerful Images of Kindness Found Within Conflict

War Reporter
chameleonseye via Getty Images

Clashes Erupt In East Jerusalem


Distorted Love

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

The Toll of Our Christian Theology on the LGBT Community

Houston Mayor Withdraws Sermon Subpoenas

Zblume/Wikimedia Commons

Help For Those Still Hurting..
Two Years After Super Storm Sandy

Staten Island Sandy
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Pope Francis Thanks Exorcists For Showing 'Love For Those Possessed'

Pope Francis
ALBERTO PIZZOLI via Getty Images

Pre-Show Prayer Helps NKOTB 'Connect' And Give Thanks

New Kids On The Block
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

This Baby Penguin Is So Blessed

Blessing Penguin
TED ALJIBE via Getty Images

The Huge Role Black Churches Are Playing In Two Senate Races

Souls Polls

Watch Canadians Punch Racism In The Face


'Evolution Is Not Inconsistent With The Notion Of Creation'

Pope Francis
Franco Origlia via Getty Images

Russell Moore Denounces 'Ex-Gay Therapy'

Russell Moore
Courtesy of Rocket Republic

Malaysians Rally Around Activist Who Got Death Threats For Inviting Muslims To Touch Dogs


Ethiopian Nun Disappears In Manhattan

Tadelech Yohanis
New York City Police Department

This Town Won't Put Up With Vandalism On Its Local Mosque

Cold Lake Mosque
Cold Lake Mosque/Facebook

70 Faces Of Torah
Wandering and Welcoming (Lech Lecha -- Genesis 12:1-17:27)

LatitudeStock - TTL via Getty Images

Viktor E. Frankl's Devastating Letter On The Death Of His Wife And Mother In Auschwitz

Viktor Frankl
Imagno via Getty Images

Cuba Allows The Building Of First New Catholic Church In 55 Years

Cuba Church Catholic
Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images

10 Things You Didn't Know About Samhain


Iraqi Christians Ponder Their Future

Jodi Hilton

Ottawa's Jewish, Muslim, And Christian Leaders Stand Together After Deadly Week

Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa Citizen

Rocking The World Of Jewish Music


Dolly Parton Calls Out Christians Who Judge The LGBT Community

Dolly Parton

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ON Scripture
All Saints' Day: Facing Death (Matthew 5:1-12)

All Saints Day
FUTURE LIGHT via Getty Images

Father Reportedly Pulls Son Out Of History Class Because Of A Lesson On Islam


The Pastor Stays

Frank Schaefer
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Christian Bale Has Gotten Inside Moses' Head

20th Century Fox/YouTube

Suffering as Transformation

Ram Dass
Hiroyuki Ito via Getty Images

Mormon Church Admits Founder Joseph Smith Had A 14-Year-Old Bride

Joseph Smith Mormon
Encyclopaedia Britannica via Getty Images

A Time To Build

St Nicholas

Reclaiming The Halloween Witch Costume As An Act Of Power

Selena Fox/Facebook

Busting The Myths About Vodou

Mauro Peressini

Officially Atheist China Is Home To This Vibrant Muslim Community

Beijing Muslim
Kevin Frayer via Getty Images

Siting Down To Dinner With Pope Francis

Pope Francis Dinner
AFP via Getty Images

Man Who Smashed 10 Commandments Monument Says Devil Made Him Do It

Ten Commandments Oklahoma

Two Ministers Claim They Could Face 180 Years In Jail For Refusing To Do Gay Weddings

Hitching Post
Courtesy of ADF

LISTEN: Mental Health And The Welcoming Church

Open Church Doors
evirgen via Getty Images

A Conversation With Rick And Kay Warren

This Prominent Evangelical Ethicist Is Now Pro-LGBT

David Gushee
Courtesy of David Gushee

Italian Priest Goes After Mafia Despite Death Threats

Luigi Ciotti
Roberto Serra - Iguana Press via Getty Images

Archbishop Calls For End To Confidentiality In Child Abuse Confessions

John Sentamu
LINDSEY PARNABY via Getty Images

Teaching The Faith

Hinduamerican Diwali

PHOTOS: Celebrating The Festival Of Lights

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Men Pelt Jerusalem Buses With Stones Over Women Of The Wall Ad

Women Of The Wall Orthodox
AHMAD GHARABLI via Getty Images