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March 1, 2015

5 Things to Know About ISIS and the Theology of Evil

Islamic State Baghdadi ASSOCIATED PRESS

As a theologian and pastor, I want to say that ISIS is evil.

Leader Of Mormon Women's Group Loses Excommunication Appeal

Kate Kelly Mormon

Vatican's Finance Czar Defends Spending By His Office

Vatican Finance George Pell
ROSLAN RAHMAN via Getty Images

New Report Says Anti-Semitism Is A Big Problem At American College Campuses

Antisemitism College Campus
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

3 Ways Relics And Artifacts Can Help Us 'Find Jesus'

Shroud Of Turin
JOSEPH EID via Getty Images

Pope Francis Rails Against 'Throwaway Culture' Of Globalization

Pope Francis Throwaway Culture Globalization
TIZIANA FABI via Getty Images

'You Deserve To Know The Truth'

Kadiza Sultana
WPA Pool via Getty Images

184-I-DOUBT-IT: Hotline Launches To Help Those Struggling Between Faith And Atheism

Atheism Hotline
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

A Homeless Man Was Buried At A Vatican Cemetery Usually Reserved For Aristocrats

Homeless Vatican
TIZIANA FABI via Getty Images

Here's How You Can Kick It With The Archbishop Of Canterbury

Justin Welby

Christian College Student Attacked With Apple For Questioning Treatment Of Gays

How Serial Helped Humanize Muslims For A Mass Audience

Adnan Syed

It's A Vatican Whodunit: Who Took The Bishops' Books?

Vatican Books Mailbox

Report: Global Harassment Of Jews Has Reached A Seven-Year High

Rabbi Self Defense

Pope Francis Gives Vatican's Former Sex Crimes Prosecutor A Big Promotion

Charles Scicluna
ANDREAS SOLARO via Getty Images

Evidence Of The Changing American Religious Landscape

coloroftime via Getty Images

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, Former Notre Dame President, Dies

Theodore Hesburgh

Nuns Survive The Cold...

Fraternite Notre Dame
YouTube / Windy City LIVE

Thanks To Strangers On The Internet

Exploring Wicca As A Path To Women's Empowerment

WILL & DENI MCINTYRE via Getty Images

A Look At What Types Of Christian Media Americans Are Most Likely To Consume

Joel Osteen


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This Nun's Powerful Definition Of Humanity Is The Only One You Need

Own Super Soul Sunday Sister Joan Chittister
George Burns/Harpo Studios

The Largest Religious Group In Each American State

Rhode Island
digidreamgrafix via Getty Images

ISIS Now Believed To Be Holding 220 Christians Hostage In Syria


Buddhists, Muslims In Myanmar Seek Peace

Myanmar Muslim
Courtesy of Aung Htay

How Letting Go Of Christianity Helped Save This Former Addict's Life

Kevin Sessums
Bravo via Getty Images

Justices Appear To Favor Muslim Woman Denied Job Over Headscarf

Samantha Elauf

Major Muslim Anti-Terrorism Conference Calls For Reform In Practice Of Islamic Law

Ahmed Altayeb
KHALED DESOUKI via Getty Images

Boston's Interfaith Clergy Are Determined To Brighten Up Their Weatherworn City

YouTube / TISRAELBoston

Catholic School President On A Mission To Designate First 'Compassionate University'

Adelle M. Banks/RNS