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October 7, 2015

The Catholic Church Has Hurt A Lot Of LGBT People. It's Time To Stop

If I'm judgmental of you, just because of how you breathe and who you are, that anger will consume me and I can't be myself. When folk hate or reject LGBT people, it affects the person who is doing the hating.

Deepak Chopra Tackles The Big Questions In Jared Leto's New Web Series

Deepak Chopra Jared Leto Beyond The Horizon
AOL Beyond The Horizon

Bishops At Vatican Synod Raise The Need For More 'Inclusionary' Language On Gay People

Athena Image
ANDREAS SOLARO via Getty Images

How a Dirty Underpass in a Hungary Railway Station Became a Little Isle of Humanity

Migrants Hungary
ELVIS BARUKCIC via Getty Images

Daily Meditation: Awaken The Soul

Athena Image
Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

Cancel Your Plans Because The World Is Ending TODAY

Athena Image
Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

Italian Diocese Fires Priest Who Said Children Are Partly Responsible For Pedophilia

Athena Image
Massimo Pinca/AP

Where is God?

People On Street
Doug McKinlay via Getty Images

ON Scripture - Bible
Pope Francis US Visit: Love and Joy Trump Rules (Mark 10: 2-18)

HalfPoint via Getty Images

South Carolina Pastor Defies Cop's Orders, Saves Casket Drifting Away In Flood

Matt Alba / News 2

Pastors Struggle To Bring Healing After Oregon Shooting

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies

Athena Image

America's Crisis of Interfaith

Phoenix Muslim
Christian Petersen via Getty Images

The Mormon Church Missed An Opportunity To Engage Race, International Diversity

Courtesy of Mormon Newsroom

Animals Recive Blessing During Feast Of Saint Francis Service In New York Church

Blessing Of The Animals
Oliver Noble

Muslim Woman Delivers Baby At Hindu Temple After Being Thrown Out Of Taxi

Athena Image
Mark Oatney via Getty Images

The Deep Roots Of Mormon Feminism

Athena Image
Robert Alexander via Getty Images

Hearing Echoes Of The Past, Jews Are On The Front Line Of The European Refugee Crisis

Milan Holocaust Museum

Pope Francis Reminds Everyone That The Catholic Church Is Against Gay Marriage

Athena Image

10 Essential Books To Read If You Want To Learn About The Sikh Faith

Athena Image
Ricardo Miguel via Getty Images

Why Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber Thinks Church Is For Losers

Athena Image
RJ Sangosti via Getty Images

Stunning Sunsets Reminds Us To Experience Awe In Daily Life

Athena Image
valio84sl via Getty Images

Why The Pope's Mention Of Thomas Merton Was More Controversial Than You Think

Athena Image

Vatican Fires Gay Priest On Eve Of Synod

Before Meeting Kim Davis, Pope Met With His Gay Friend In Washington

Grassi Gay Couple Pope Meeting
Courtesy of Marisa Marchitelli

Shia And Sunni Muslims In India Stand Shoulder To Shoulder For Joint Prayers

Muslim Joint Prayers
Syed Asad Haider Zaidi

14 Comforting Verses To Help You You Through The Hard Times

Westend61 Via Getty Images
Westend61 via Getty Images

Vatican: Pope's Meeting With Kim Davis 'Not A Form Of Support'

Athena Image
Ida Mae Astute via Getty Images

There Is A Revolution Going On In Religion, And Faith Leaders Better Listen Up


Kim Davis And The Trap For Pope Francis

Kim Davis
Ida Mae Astute via Getty Images

An Evangelical Case For Animal Rights

Athena Image
bschuitdesign via Getty Images

The Not So Secret History Of Mormon Women Leadership

Mormon Church

15 Photos That Prove We Can Experience Spirituality Anywhere

Sahaj Kohli

Kim Davis' Attorney Claims She Had Secret Meeting With The Pope

Athena Image

Some Inmates Pope Francis Met Are In Jail Only Because They're Poor

Athena Image
Pool via Getty Images

Statue Of New Saint Canonized By Pope Francis Vandalized In California

Michael Fiala courtesy of Reuters

14 Photos of This Damascus Wedding Capture the Incredible Spirit of Syrian Christians

Syria Wedding
Flavius Mihaies

What Words Did Pope Francis Use The Most During His Visit To The U.S.?

Pope Word
Carol Kuruvilla

Pope: Those Who Covered Up Clergy Sex Abuse Are 'Guilty'

Pope Francis
Tony Gentile/Reuters

A Trip To America Establishes The Pope's Political Centrality

Pope Francis
Philadelphia Inquirer via Getty Images

Sukkot 2015: The Welcoming, Glorious Jewish Feast Of The Tabernacle Explained

Athena Image
JACK GUEZ via Getty Images


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Pope Francis Visits A Troubled, Overcrowded Prison In Philly

Pope Francis Prison
Ryan J. Reilly

Inside The Islamic State's Apocalyptic Beliefs

Athena Image
Associated Press

For A Jewish Austrian Folk Singer, Helping Refugees Is Personal

Hans Breuer Flock
Hans Breuer

Poll Shows Americans' Double Standard For Muslim Candidates

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Saudi Arabia Suggests Pilgrims At Fault Over Hajj Tragedy

Athena Image

Phyllis Tickle Dead: Acclaimed Religion Writer Dies At 81

Athena Image
Photo courtesy Courtney Perry

How 6 LGBT Catholics Kept Their Faith -- Despite Being Shunned By The Church

Colleen P Simon
Colleen P Simon

6 Jewish-Themed Apps For Daily Inspiration And Learning

Jewish Apps
Ari Werth

Why Business Needs To Learn The Language Of Love

Athena Image
Anthony Lee via Getty Images

Why Forgiveness Is At The Core Of Peace And Spiritual Growth

Athena Image
AFP via Getty Images

Why The New Berggruen Philosophy And Culture Center Aims For The Big Questions

Philanthropy Charity Defenseamerica Americasmusewriter Writers Author Author
Bloomberg via Getty Images

11 Black Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Jewish

Lenny Kravitz Tracee Ellis Ross Drake

Gay, Celibate Man Is Official Face Of LGBT Catholicism For Pope's Visit

Athena Image
Courtesy of Ron Belgau

Pope Francis Will Visit Three African Countries In November

Athena Image

Saudi Businessman Donates 10 Million To Create Islamic Law Center At Yale

Athena Image
Natalia Bratslavsky via Getty Images

A Gay Muslim Films His Hajj Pilgrimage To Mecca

Athena Image
Haram Films, 2015