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April 29, 2016

When Christians Won't Say #BlackLivesMatter

Silence BananaStock via Getty Images

In refusing to acknowledge our country's horrendous history regarding race and the current disparities existing between different races now, the phrase #AllLivesMatter becomes akin to saying "#WhiteLivesMatterMore."

Inside The Life Of A Vodou Priestess Bringing Healing To Haiti

Stephanie Mei-Ling

Ukraine's Giant Easter Egg Festival Is A Feast For The Eyes

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Bono Wants Christian Music To Get More Honest

Paul Morigi via Getty Images

Daily Meditation: You Are My Sun

Ross M. Horowitz via Getty Images

Emotional Message In A Bottle From A Boy To His Best Friend Washes Up On Beach

Steve Mershon

Sikhs On 'The Daily Show' Have Perfect Response For People Who Assume They're Muslim

Hulu / Comedy Central

12 Summer Getaways When All You Want Is Quiet

Lama Foundation

What PB&J Taught This Woman About 'Being The Only Brown Girl' At Lunchtime

Courtesy of Zarqa Nawaz

Faith Groups Are Rallying Against North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law

Raleigh News & Observer via Getty Images

Daily Meditation: Kiss The Earth

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

Harvard Professor Explains How We Think About The 'True Self' All Wrong

Jack Hollingsworth via Getty Images

Nearly 90 Percent Of Americans Have Prayed For Good Health

rubberball via Getty Images

Daily Meditation: True Compassion

lolostock via Getty Images

Church Honors ‘Dearly Beloved’ Prince By Putting His Lyrics On Sign

University United Methodist Churc

Tiny Robot Monk Disseminates Wisdom At Chinese Buddhist Temple

Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters

The Mysterious History Behind The World's Oldest Illustrated Haggadah


Daily Meditation: Passover

Tom Le Goff via Getty Images

Why Thousands Of Pagans Are Standing Up For The Environment

valeria mameli via Getty Images


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