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Jeania Ree Moore

#KellyOnMyMind: Reflecting on Kelly Gissendaner

Jeania Ree Moore | March 1, 2015 | Religion
Convicted for her part in the 1997 murder of her husband, Kelly enrolled in and graduated from the Certificate in Theological Studies program at Arrendale State Prison for Women. Through this program, she grew into a new person with purpose and hope. She experienced forgiveness and gained confidence through grace and redemption.
William B. Bradshaw

The Devil and Lent

William B. Bradshaw | February 28, 2015 | Religion
The particular incident I am referring to is Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by Satan for forty days, related to us in Matthew 4:1-2, Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4:1-2.
Rabbi Steven C. Wernick

Esther and Mordechai's Week From Hell: The Meaning of Purim in the Winter of 2015

Rabbi Steven C. Wernick | February 27, 2015 | Religion
It is against the backdrop of this very troubled time that the holiday of Purim approaches... and with it, the important message: Do not lose hope for you have been here before.
J.E. Reich

Where Are the Queer Spaces for Jewish Women?

J.E. Reich | February 27, 2015 | Gay Voices
Even though the West Village offers "lesbian nights" on Fridays in hallowed locales like the Stonewall Inn and the Monster Bar NYC, it's a far cry from the dozens of spaces and nights for gay men spackled across the Five Boroughs.
Lincoln Mitchell

Farewell to Leonard Nimoy

Lincoln Mitchell | February 27, 2015 | Celebrity
Few fictional characters, particularly from television, have been as enduring in the public consciousness, memorable and profound as Spock, and few actors have both inhabited and created a character as fully and brilliantly as Leonard Nimoy did with Spock.
David Lose

Is Biblical Marriage a House of Cards

David Lose | February 27, 2015 | Religion
While I realize that Frank and Claire Underwood -- the scheming, ruthless, and fairly amoral couple at the center of the series -- hardly seem paragons of biblical virtue, hear me out.
Melissa Browning

Meeting Kelly Gissendaner

Melissa Browning | February 27, 2015 | Religion
Have you met Kelly? Not the mug shot that is in every news article, not the "first woman in 70 years to be executed in Georgia," not the woman who you might think ordered too much food for her last meal. I'm talking about Kelly Gissendaner, child of God, sinner saved by grace, a minister who was known for sharing Christ's love with both prisoners and prison guards.
Scott Dannemiller

Busy Is a Sickness

Scott Dannemiller | February 27, 2015 | Parents
So my prayer today is this. That I stop defining myself by my doing, and start defining myself by my being. That I stop measuring time by the clock on the wall, and start measuring it by the experiences I share with those around me. And that I stop seeing my life as "busy," and instead, see it for what it truly is. Full.
David Briggs

Are Black Americans the Most Religious -- and Virtuous -- of All?

David Briggs | February 27, 2015 | Religion
In a nation where rising numbers of people are dropping out of organized religion, one dynamic religious movement continues to display remarkable strength. The black church.
Mike Ghouse

Is Obama's Wisdom Good for America?

Mike Ghouse | February 27, 2015 | Religion
None amongst us is without sin; a few among us tend to misuse the power of religion on the minds of the followers. The problem was not with the religion, it was with the ones who did not get their religion right.
David Moore

Call It Western Supremacy

David Moore | February 27, 2015 | Religion
We are historically and pathologically obligated to replay the dramas of the Spartans and Greeks against the "other." Feeling superior, we are free to disrespect their ways to sustain our own.
Jim Wallis

5 Things to Know About ISIS and the Theology of Evil

Jim Wallis | February 27, 2015 | Religion
The faith community must remind the world that evil can be overcome, and that individuals involved in evil systems and practices can be redeemed. But how to overcome evil is a very complicated theological question, which requires much self-reflection. In trying to figure out how to overcome evil, it is often helpful to first decide how not to.
Mark Osler

The Weight of a Lenten Cross

Mark Osler | February 26, 2015 | Religion
One of the wonderfully confounding parts of the gospel to me is Jesus telling the disciples that "if any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me."
Daniel Darling

The Question I Hope Every 2016 Candidate Is Asked

Daniel Darling | February 27, 2015 | Religion
Here we are at the beginning of another presidential campaign, and like every campaign since our founding, the people who put themselves forward as possible leaders of the free world are being grilled by the media on a number of issues.
Sister Joan Chittister, OSB

Thinking the Unthinkable

Sister Joan Chittister, OSB | February 26, 2015 | Religion
There is a part of the soul that stirs at night, in the dark and soundless times of day, when our defenses are down and our daylight distractions no longer serve to protect us from ourselves.
Raymond Lesniak

Challenge Religious-Based Violence With Education, Unity and True Faith

Raymond Lesniak | February 26, 2015 | Religion
The powerful force of human desire for revenge, control and power needs to be met by a greater force -- religious leaders from all denominations uniting to speak out on behalf of an individual's right to practice his or her religion without fear or intimidation.
Reverend Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young

Are There Angels in Berkeley?

Reverend Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young | February 26, 2015 | Religion
On Saturday mornings, I would explore the canyons above the university. I spent hours walking and running along the fire roads in the hills. I knew where to find hound's tongue and forget-me-not flowers, an old abandoned plum orchard and the deer trail shortcut to the bench looking out over the arboretum.
Sébastien Maillard

No Room for Decadent 'Princes' in Francis' Vatican

Sébastien Maillard | February 26, 2015 | World
Pope Francis is revolutionizing how the Vatican operates, encouraging officials to remain faithful to what they have dedicated their lives to, and to the global Catholic community. If the pope is no more than a king in his church, then there shall be no room for princes.
J. Randall O'Brien

The Soul of the Christian University

J. Randall O'Brien | February 26, 2015 | Religion
Our life is ordered by The Way of Jesus Christ. His teachings, such as the Sermon on the Mount, which features a radical call to enemy-love, forgiveness and purity of heart, his sayings, parables, and example become normative.
Georgette Bennett, Ph.D.

Syrian Refugee Crisis Strains Jordan's Resources

Georgette Bennett, Ph.D. | February 26, 2015 | Religion
What happens when the smiling young children who greeted us with "hellos" become teenagers who have grown up in the confines of Za'atari? If they see no future, they will become vulnerable to manipulation and radicalization. We have seen it before. We're about to see it again. The world must step up and act now.
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