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Suzanne O'Malley


Church for Andrea Yates, Mom Who Killed Five?

Suzanne O'Malley | Posted May 28, 2012

Already I've been asked, should Andrea Yates -- who drowned her five children in the bathtub of her suburban Houston home nearly eleven years ago -- be allowed a two-hour weekly pass to attend church services?
Rev. John H. Vaughn


A Lifetime of Isolated Incidents

Rev. John H. Vaughn | Posted May 28, 2012

There comes a point for many black Americans when the "isolated incidents" are no longer those, but symptoms of deeper expressions and manifestations of racism. The killing of Trayvon Martin comes as yet another "isolated incident."
Mustafa Akyol


Yet Another Not-So-Pious Al Qaeda Terrorist

Mustafa Akyol | Posted May 28, 2012

Merah seems to be motivated by his reaction to the political traumas of the religious community that he subscribed to. His zeal seems to be against occupation and humiliation, not godlessness or impiety.
S.R. Hewitt


Defining Freedom For Jews

S.R. Hewitt | Posted May 28, 2012

Being free means accepting absolute responsibility for one's own behavior, which also made one distinctly aware of how one's own actions effect the community.
Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson


Why the Village Voice Must Shut Down's Adult Section

Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson | Posted May 28, 2012

Called upon to act by a multifaith clergy coalition of hundreds of rabbis, ministers, imams, priests, and other religious and moral leaders, Village Voice has claimed that this issue is "complicated."
Mirabai Starr


My God-of-Love Life: Interspiritual Wisdom for a Unified World

Mirabai Starr | Posted May 28, 2012

I have always been spiritually promiscuous, lying down with any God who will have me. This passionate attraction to religion makes no sense.
The Student Review


This I Believe: Faith v. Philosophy

The Student Review | Posted May 28, 2012

Deep insecurities and fears of alienation kept me from asking the hard questions. However, when philosophy gave me the tools to submit my beliefs to more intellectual scrutiny, I became ready for the deeper, more honest conversion God was willing to give.
Rev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder


Of Religion, Reproduction and Racist Incarcerations

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder | Posted May 28, 2012

If there is this 'movement' to put African American males behind bars, what is the point? What will such achieve?" Is it just a matter of supposedly keeping our streets safer? No.
Charlotte Safavi


Shahs of Sunset: Episode 3 With a Nugget From Episode 1

Charlotte Safavi | Posted May 28, 2012

They are friends. I love this, I really do, because, believe it or not, Iranians of different cultural backgrounds do get along... and despite the current political situation and its bigoted notions, they mostly have over the centuries Iran has been around.
Rev. Tim Schenck


Lent: Saints Alive!

Rev. Tim Schenck | Posted May 28, 2012

A couple years ago I thought, why should college basketball fans have all the fun while we Christians sit around giving up chocolate? Thus Lent Madness was born.
Gene Marks


9 Rules For Doing Business With A Jew Like Me

Gene Marks | Posted May 28, 2012

I bet there are a bunch of things you didn't know about doing business with a Jew. And yet you probably have a lot of Jewish customers and vendors. Consider this to be my Passover gift to you. Let me share just a few simple rules that might help you profit with my people in the coming year.
Matthew L. Skinner


Mark 14:1-15:47: What Jesus' Death Tells Us About Ourselves

Matthew L. Skinner | Posted May 28, 2012

Death was more than something for him to endure, just so he could rise again. Jesus' execution forever writes an identity upon him, as indicated in the Gospels' accounts of his resurrection.
Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.


The United Methodist Church Flirts With Creationism

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. | Posted May 28, 2012

The question is, will the 12 million members of this denomination opt to return to the scientific dark ages? Will they turn their collective backs on modern science?
Michael Yarbrough


Contraception Debate and Religion: Prohibiting the Free Exercise Thereof

Michael Yarbrough | Posted May 28, 2012

The HHS mandate takes religious organizations into full account by exempting those that do not serve a secular purpose.
Rev. Jim Ball


POTUS Can't Remain Silent on Climate

Rev. Jim Ball | Posted May 28, 2012

Funny thing is, increasing fuel economy and clean energy is great for climate change, but the President doesn't mention it.
Rev. Peter M. Wallace


A Conversation with Diana Butler Bass on 'Christianity After Religion'

Rev. Peter M. Wallace | Posted May 28, 2012

Diana delves into the roots of the crisis that churches of all kinds are facing, causes ranging from 9/11 and religious violence to the abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.
Chavie Lieber


Bacon and Jews: A Forbidden Love Affair

Chavie Lieber | Posted May 28, 2012

Will a lightning bolt come down and strike me if I gave you a try? Surely not: half of the Upper West Side would be dead if that were the case, and last time I checked, they are a rather lively bunch.