06/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Do You Want to Make History?

Congress just passed health care reform for all Americans.  This law will now be interpreted by the Executive Branch and the courts for generations.  Even a 2700-page bill is not self-explanatory. There will be regulations. And wherever there is ambiguity, there may be lawsuits.

One way courts interpret new laws is through legislative history.  Legislative history includes the debates and comments by the members of Congress who voted on the bill, as recorded by the Congressional Record.

Therefore we have the opportunity to explain what this bill means.  Or, actually, I have that opportunity, which I'm sharing with you. I'm preparing an official statement that will be included in the Congressional Record early next week.  This will be an official interpretation of what specific provisions in this law mean.  To do this, I want your help.

I'm not looking for what you think the bill ought to have. I'm looking for what you think the bill already has, that needs to be explained further.

I won't be able to submit every comment for entry into the Congressional Record, or anywhere close to that. However, we will read them, consider them, and submit the most crucial entries regarding this most crucial law, in the Congressional Record. Thank you.