Chutes and Ladders

05/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Health care opponents don't have any more excuses.

Yesterday's Congressional Budget Office "score" shows the health care bill would be even better than expected at reducing the deficit. If you're serious about cutting spending, you have to be supporting this bill.

Sometimes it feels more like we're playing a game of "Health Care Chutes and Ladders" - climbing forward one day, slipping back the next - but we're getting near the top of the board.

To finish the job, I challenged 5,000 grassroots donors to show Congress that Americans want real reform. I need your help to meet that goal before the health care vote this weekend.

This bill will cut costs for everyone, protect the uninsured, and actually reduce the budget deficit. And we've never been closer to getting it done.

Thanks for your continued support. I know I can count on you to help me build our voice for real, progressive reform during this weekend's pivotal health care vote.