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Colbert: 'You Want to Interrupt and Belittle People? Get Your Own Show on Fox'

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas must recuse himself from any deliberations related to health care reform.

That's what my colleagues and I, along with 300,000 supporters, have been
saying for a month and counting now.

On Wednesday night, I took the fight to The Colbert Report, where I made it clear that, when it comes to recusal, this is an open and shut case:

The facts are simple: the Thomas household has profited from opposition to health care reform. His wife has already taken nearly $700,000 from health care opponents and now openly advertises herself as a crack lobbyist with the "experience and connections" to overturn the law of the land. This creates the perception of a serious conflict of interest.

If there's even an implication of impropriety - and $700,000 is certainly an implication - then Justice Thomas must recuse himself.

Watch the video and pass it on - post it to Facebook, tweet it, blog it, talk about it, upvote it on Reddit - and join me today in standing for an impartial Supreme Court at