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Respect My Vote! Hip Hop Caucus and Women of Labor United for the Vote

Posted: 10/07/10 05:14 PM ET

This November 2nd, young people, workers, and communities of color have the power to help define the direction of our nation with their votes. That's why the Hip Hop Caucus re-launched the Respect My Vote! campaign. Respect My Vote! is a powerful, nonpartisan voter education project organizing young people to turn out on Election Day. Diverse communities are standing with us to ensure that the voices of our nation's young people are seen and heard.

The Hip Hop Caucus recently teamed with American Rights at Work, who organized prominent women of color in the labor movement to show their support for young people's participation in these 2010 mid-term elections. These powerful women leaders have something significant to say about the importance of standing up and speaking out in political process, and in the workplace.
Check out highlights from their photo shoot in the slideshow below, and see more of their Respect My Vote! Photos and video here.

Tiffany Loftin, United States Student Association
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"We are in a huge crisis--a huge financial crisis, a huge job crisis, a huge education crisis. I'm calling our elected leaders to really think seriously about their campaign and about what their agendas are for the year, and how they are individuals are going to effect our communities, our campuses, and the labor movement."

Tiffany Loftin, Chair of the National People of Color Student Coalition, United States Student Association

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