What Are You Trying to Say, James Rosen?

05/25/2011 11:45 am ET

Two days ago, Fox News' James Rosen apparently tried to set up Condoleeza Rice with another Fox anchor...who happens to be a woman. (Thanks to Wonkette for the transcript; the New York Daily News and Radar have also written about the incident.) This must be one of the weirdest moments in TV history. At the very least it gives new meaning to the phrase "playing dual piano." Read on....

MR. ROSEN: I close with a gift for you. You met this person once, I believe, but you really, I think, ought to know each other because this woman is, I think you'll have an interest in knowing her. She is one of our FOX News anchors in New York. Her name is Lauren Green. She is brilliant, she's beautiful, she's African American, she's single and she's a concert pianist in her spare time.

SECRETARY RICE: My goodness.

MR. ROSEN: And she asked me to give you her CD and I promised her that I would.

SECRETARY RICE: That's perfect.

MR. ROSEN: And here's her doing a number of different classical pieces.

SECRETARY RICE: Well, that's special.

MR. ROSEN: So there you have it.

SECRETARY RICE: Thank her very much and I look forward to seeing her sometime.

MR. ROSEN: All right. She's going to want to hear from you.

SECRETARY RICE: And maybe even playing dual piano sometime.

My goodness, indeed. It's pretty hard not to interpret that exchange as Rosen trying to connect Rice and Green in a love match. (If anyone can come up with another interpretation that isn't entirely wishful thinking, I'd love to hear it.) After all, he describes Lauren Green to Rice as "single" and beautiful."

I couldn't care less if Rice is gay -- and actually, I don't think it's anyone's business but hers -- but her party would care very much, so let's just stop all this Rice for President talk now, shall we? Somehow I don't think the creationists are ready for a black lesbian Republican presidential candidate. (Why is it that creationists think God created everything, but gays are unnatural? Discuss.)

Second, what does it say about the cozy relationship between Fox News and the White House that one Fox anchor is trying to set up another with the Secretary of State?

My head is spinning....and so is the White House!