12/06/2011 03:45 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2012

What Job Creators?

As Congress muddles its way toward some sort of deal on extending the payroll tax holiday, and the Republicans keep fighting a tax on the wealthy to help pay for it, we hear again and again the mantra of this campaign: "Don't penalize the job creators."

That mantra has been a gem for the 1% because they have convinced most of the 99% that in fact the very wealthy actually create jobs, when in actual fact they don't. Jobs are created by institutions, governments, corporations and businesses, entities who actually need people. The very rich have no part in the process. None.

The fraction of 1% are sitting on mountains of cash, which they have no intention of voluntarily parting with through taxation, and the disaster which this fact has created is that what was once the Grand Old Party is not a political party any more, but merely a mechanism by which the very rich hold on to their mountains of cash. The GOP simply stands in the thrall of Grover Norquist, who in turn is funded by the very rich he is sworn to protect.

We used to have a two party system. Now we have a Democratic party trying to figure out how to respond to this new arrangement. For now, the Dems are standing firm with a confused and reluctant Middle Class that isn't sure who is looking out for them because their leader is an intellectual professor who isn't one of them. He needs to earn their trust.

Obama must confront the Big Lie that the under taxed rich are job creators. If he does that successfully, American voters will give the President a Congress to work with and fire the No No Never party, who after all don't represent them because they represent Norquist, whose Americans for Tax Reform is quietly funded by, you guessed it, the "job creators."

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