Breaking: Young Leaders Stage Sit-In at Copenhagen Climate Talks

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Read it live: Young people are staging a sit-in inside the Bella Center at the Copenhagen climate talks, just feet from where a summit of 115 world leaders are gathering to work of a global climate treaty. They are representing 11 million people that have signed the global petition for a Fair, Ambitious, and Binding climate treaty of the TckTckTck campaign. Update: While some of them were dragged away by security, Senator Kerry came by and shook each of their hands and thanked them for their dedication.

At 5:00pm today, during the opening of the high level segment of this year's international climate change negotiations, a group of approximately 30 international youth staged a sit-in, refusing to leave the talks until a fair, ambitious, and legally binding treaty was reached. The group included young people from both developed and developing nations, including 10 Canadians.

The young people gathered and initiated the sit-in at the main hall of the conference centre where more than 110 heads of government are expected in coming days. They immediately began to read the names of the more than 11 million people who signed a petition demanding the same fair, ambitious, and legally binding agreement that is needed to avoid dangerous climate change and usher in a global clean energy economy.

They have been sitting there for over three hours, reading the names of the signers of the TckTckTck petition. You can check out the live-blog of what is happening right now.