Jeckyll & Hyde, Good Cop & Bad Cop: Barack and Eric Are Doppelgängers!

05/25/2011 01:05 pm ET

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Barack Obama's "evil twin," his racial Alter Ego: Eric Holder.

Barack avoids discussing race like the plague - ever hear the words "el Barrio," "reparations," "Asian math whiz" escape his lips? But his Attorney General just unleashed a racial tongue lashing on Americans.

Holder called America a "nation of cowards." Holder declared that most Americans avoid discussing awkward racial issues. (How does the AG's boss fit into this charge?)

Poor white folks! They just voted for Obama to finally led go decades of racial discomfort. "Obama is a "twofer," Peter Beinart wisecracked last year. "Elect him, and you not only dethrone George W. Bush, you dethrone Al Sharpton, too!"

Like myself -- or Oprah or Air Michael or Condi or Colin -- Barack Obama is what whites call a "no-demand black." Our company is not predicated on whites' having to let go an ugly stereotype, untangle a stubborn view, or something like that.

Not so, for the AG! His speech yesterday was a lightning-rod, taking Americans to task on race.

Predictably, the right-wing echo chamber - from Fox to Michelle Malkin - started frothing at the mouth(s).

Let's be real: Eric Holder freaks conservatives out as America's Top Cop. Why? A BROTHA is now in charge of the prison industrial complex that gulps and spits millions of black and brown men through a system that churns like a racial gulag.

I like this new development: Barack and Eric working hand in hand -- Jeckyll and Hyde, Good Cop, "Bad" Cop. Barack calls us a "nation of heroes." Eric calls us a "nation of cowards."