Fox News Morphs Into Propaganda Machine

02/16/2012 11:04 am ET
  • Richard Seireeni Brand Architect, author of 'The Gort Cloud: The Invisible Force Powering Today's Most Visible Green Brands'

Has anyone noticed how Fox News has turned into a propaganda machine with a single mission of attacking Obama at every turn? It's hard to miss.

For instance, over the last 24-hours Fox has been frothing up its conservative readers over a single incident in a Burlington, New Jersey school where students were videotaped while singing a song praising President Obama. Fox fills in the details, "But Andrea Ciemnolonski, the parent of another one of the students in the video, said the song was part of a second-grade project on a variety of topics related to the month of February, such as Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and Presidents Day. They did songs about President Washington, Lincoln, and they did do one about President Obama," Ciemnolonski said. "My daughter was in the class that did the songs about Obama. It was black history month. ... It was something for the kids to celebrate." Ciemnolonski said she "just can't look at it as indoctrination," though she added, "The comparisons made were a little exuberant." But never mind the actual innocence of the event, the article was a willful attack and designed to infuriate conservatives.

The article is bundled with other innuendos, like a poll, "You Decide: Singing Obama Praises OK?" and a slideshow illustrating the indoctrination of children by Hitler, Hamas and Stalin.
So, we have a single group of kids in one class in one school in New Jersey that sings a song celebrating the President and Fox figures out how to link him to Nazis, Communists and Islamic extremists. This, of course, gets the usual reaction from their readers:

"You have to confront this kind of thing now, before it becomes the norm. Otherwise we will end up like Sparta with the government taking your children at age five and returning them at age 18, if they're worthy." Maybe this guy should be more outraged by neo-Nazis here in America that dress their children in Hitler brown shirts.

"What, did I wake up in North Korea?" Oh yeah. Let's add a Korean dictator to the smear.

And this counter comment, "I said this yesterday, when this was still on the front page of Fox. It's not a story. This isn't Obama telling schools to do this, it's a teacher with bad judgement. You guys can seriously come out of your basements now. I can't believe how easy everyone is played here."

Yes, it is amazing how Fox so easily plays their audience - especially interesting as this videotaped event happened way back in February. But it's a nice thing to add to their latest attack on Obama's Safe Schools consultant, Kevin Jennings.

Keep pumping out that propaganda Mr. Murdock!