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The Only Career Resolutions You'll Ever Need

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There are thousands of different strategies to achieve a successful and fulfilling career. But there are two that matter more than any of the others. This year,commit to these resolutions and watch your career take a giant leap forward.

Work Your Passion -
Find your way to a job that leverages your unique strengths and passions. Not just conceptually, but in the work you do everyday. Take on the work challenges that most engage you. Solve the problems that you are uniquely great at tackling. If you find this role, your performance will shine, your energy levels will grow, you will learn faster and at increasing rates, and you will wake up each day ready to take on the world. Work your passion, and the rest takes care of itself.

Focus on the Success of Others -
The most successful professionals disproportionately focus on the success of their peers and subordinates, even more than on their own success. Careers are long. You touch hundreds of people over time. Go out of your way to have a positive impact on others (especially those who don't expect you to), and you will build an army of colleagues who will ensure you will succeed over time. Go out of your way to be an ass, and you will one day wake up to an army of asses.

This year, resolve to find your passion at work. No need to quit your job - redefine it. Explore creative ways to include the activities that excite you most in your day-to-day role.

This year, resolve yourself to become a benevolent leader. Give, when not asked. Offer support to those who don't require it. Provide assistance with absolutely no expectation of being repaid. One day, you almost certainly will.


Thank you to everyone who provided support during a crazy year. The new business is up and running (and quite exciting), and I am surrounded by some of the most interesting and fun people I have ever worked with. We are seeking to redefine how past, present and future CEOs interact and learn, and I hope you stick around to share the ride with us! Happy New Year Everybody!