02/23/2011 11:30 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Feb. 21, 2011, News Update

FEB. 21, 2010, NEWS UPDATE

Arab world convulsed by demonstrations against autocratic and authoritarian regimes. Obviously what happens in Egypt doesn't stay in Egypt. The keffiya Kurtain has been lifted.
The reign in Bahrain stays on mostly in vain....
In Sana'a, protesters want to turn a Yemen into Yemen-ade....
Protesters in Tripoli want to be Libyaerated... Khadaffi's son says his father will remain until "last bullet is fired." Demonstrators say that's OK as long as it ends up in Muammar himself.
Khadaffi sends Air Force plans [planes] to slaughter protesters. In meantime, he reportedly contacting Priceline to get best deal for exile.
If you want to know what's going on in Algergia, [Algeria] tune in to Al-Jazeeria....
Many of the demonstrators are demanding more affordable housing. Their movement is known as the Low-Rents of Arabia.
United States vetoes United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel's renewed building of settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. Huh? How does that serve American interests in the volatile Middle East?
Isn't it US policy to oppose building of settlements? When will the American dog stop being wagged by the Israeli tail? US policy should be made in Washington, not Jerusalem.
Palestinian demonstrators call American veto "despicable." For once, hard to argue with the Palestinians.
Thousands try to turn area around Wisconsin Capitol Building into "Liberation Square" as they rally to protest against Governor's anti-union bill. And they shout, "We are all Egyptians now."
Democratic State Senators flee state in order to prevent vote on bill. Gov. contemplating sending World Champion Green Bay Packers to bring'em back.
Donald Trump considering run for President. Late night comics salivating. Trump says first thing he would do as President is slap 25% import tax on all Chinese goods. Sure, HairHead, and then they withdraw their investment in US and we're bankrupt. We owe China even more than you owe your creditors.
Incidentally, first thing The Donald would really do is re-name the White House the Trump House and then try to sell luxury condo's to every member of Congress.
"Dallas" to return to TV (TNT) with original cast members Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy. Ewing Ranch to be replaced by nursing home.