01/15/2007 03:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jan. 15 News Update

President Bush declares New Way Forward in Iraq. New line in old battles?

President orders 20,000 more troops to Baghdad. Strategy for success or shameless disregard for getting more Americans killed in desperate effort to create a legacy?

When is escalation not escalation? When it's a surge. Or in Condoleezza Rice's word, "augmentation." She's keeping abreast of things.

Bush says he listens to his military commanders on the ground. Except when they disagree with him and he fires them. Wonder if he called Gen. Shineski before making speech.

President addressed nation for first time from White House library. In fact, it was first time he was ever in White House library.

President acknowledges "Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility lies with me." American voters made that clear back on Nov. 7.

Senators and McCain and Lieberman support Bush's new strategy, sparking talk of McCain-Lieberman in 2008. Short-fused hothead with sanctimonious, pretentious bore...Yeah, that's the ticket!

Chris Matthews calls Tony Snow best White House press secretary since Eisenhower's day. Better even than Marlin Fitzwater?

Soldiers at Fort Benning barred from talking to media after lunch with President Bush. But they're allowed to die in Iraq in name of establishing democratic principles like freedom of speech.

Vice President Cheney defends domestic snooping into financial records. So now we can have our phones tapped, our mail opened and our bank statements read so the terrorists won't win. Looks like we're surging toward 2084.

Next aircraft carrier to be named after Gerald Ford. Wasn't he more of a cruiser?

CNN apologizes for confusing "Obama" with "Osama." Why not just call Barack Obama by his middle name, Hussein, and end the confusion?

In New York City, sectarian vitriol or Uncivil War? Donald Trump calls Rosie O'Donnell "fat Kurd." O'Donnell says Trump full of shi'ite. Ayatollah Walters gives blessings to The View's increase in ratings. Make that "surge" in ratings. Or even augmentation, of which Rosie doesn't need any.

Gov. Schwarzenegger shows up for Inauguration on crutches. He took it a little too seriously when a showbiz friend said "Break A Leg."

Superstar David Beckham to get $250 million package to play soccer in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant wants to renegotiate.