June 22, 2009, News Update

07/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama kills at DC dinner as Stand-Up-in-Chief, proposes overhaul of financial system as Reformer-in-Chief, exercises caution in talking about Iran as Commander-in-Chief and whacks fly as Exterminator-in-Chief.

Approval rating drops to 58%. Must be the work of the fly lobby. Or Stephen Colbert's in-depth reporting on the family of the fly.

President nails fly with hand slap during interview. Obviously in a no-fly zone. Dick Cheney not impressed. Could have blasted it with shotgun. Or with flick of tongue.

White House now considering sending tape of fly zap to North Korea and Iran. Showing this guy reacts instantly and shows no mercy.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals points out Obama "is not the Buddha" and complains it can no longer be said he wouldn't hurt a fly. We knew that.

Tens of thousands of raucous people crowd into downtown area to demonstrate. No, not Teheran. Los Angeles. (Lakers).

OK, tens of thousands of raucous people crowd into downtown area to demonstrate. No, not Teheran. Pyongyang. (UN sanctions).

Ok, tens of thousands of raucous people crowd into downtown area to demonstrate. Yes, Teheran. Third time's the charm. (Fraud).

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini, emulating Ayatollah Antonin Scalia, declares Mahmoud Ahmadinejad victor, warns against anti-election protests. Norm Coleman said to be trying to get in touch with Khameini. If you don't know who Khameini is, he's sort of like Diana Ross vis-a-vis The Supremes.

Conservatives criticize Obama for not speaking out more forcefully about Iran. Even George Will calls that "foolish."

Former Defense Department official Paul Wolfowitz, one of instigators of Iraq War, says Obama should reach out to opposition leader in Iran. Now you can be sure Obama is doing the right thing.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad:
Lies: We're developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes.
Damn Lies: The Holocaust is a hoax.
Statistics: I won with 63% of vote.
(Courtesy of cartoonist Kevin Siers of Charlotte Observer).

Two Republican activists in South Carolina make racist jokes about Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Maybe state should consider no longer flying Confederate flag over State House. No reaction from Michael Steele, black chairman of Republican National Committee, aka RNC as in Rush Newt Cheney.

Obama proposes overhaul of financial regulatory system. Case of Generals fighting the last war? Reforms might work until next crisis, when we'll have another overhaul. Bankers and Republicans (redundant?) immediately announce opposition. Of course. They created the mess.

Nevada Republican Sen. John Ensign, promoter of family values and Clinton impeachment, resigns from top party post after copping to extramarital affair with former campaign aide. State poll shows approval rating drops to 39%. But still 5% higher than Majority Leader Harry Reid. Maybe you could use a good scandal, Mr. Leader.

Hillary Clinton says she wouldn't know a "twitter from a tweeter." Probably doesn't have a page on Facebook, either.

Continental Airlines pilot dies in flight, plane lands safely, airlines says he died of "natural causes." Such a relief to find out he wasn't done in by the crew.