May 14, 2007 News Update

05/14/2007 12:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Eighteen more American soldiers killed in Iraq. And the surge goes on.

VP Cheney visits Baghdad to urge Iraqi government members not to take two month vacation. Maybe they'll join President Bush for his two month vacation in Crawford instead.

Cheney also issues warning to Iran not to develop nuclear weapons and not to block sea lanes. Won't be taken seriously until he says proof of Iranian nuclear weapons is a "slam dunk."

Bush promises to veto new Iraq War funding bill which demands progress report by this July. "Surge" won't even be completed by then--if ever.

American envoy to meet with Iranian counterpart to discuss Iraq. Bush sets new standard for diplomacy by suggesting US officials won't be "rude" to Iranians.

Tony Blair resigning as British Prime Minister after 10 years in office, says he did "What I thought was right." He wasn't.

American media go ga-ga over visit of Queen Elizabeth, White House holds white tie dinner in her honor. Didn't we have a revolution here so we didn't have to fawn over these people?

In welcoming remarks, Bush refers to British thinkers like Locke, Smith and Burke. He thinks they're a London law firm.

Paul Wolfowitz fighting for job as World Bank President. How about naming him Ambassador to Iraq?

Alberto Gonzalez fighting to remain as Attorney General. How about making him President of World Bank?

France rejects female President. Hillary Clinton grateful there's not a big French vote in this country.

French presidential election has 85% turnout. Maybe we should stop criticizing the French and start emulating them.

Street Sense wins Kentucky Derby. Victory sullied by presence of OJ Simpson.

Louisville restaurant owner refuses to serve OJ in party of 12. Real story: Who are the 11 people who would have dinner with Simpson?

Donald Trump starts feud with Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban. Won't help, Rumpster, ratings for The Apprentice still in the toilet.

California Gov. Schwarzenegger says he has more pressing matters to deal with than a pardon for Paris Hilton. He hasn't even seen her video.

Media brouhaha over Karl Rove saying "Don't touch me" to Sheryl Crow at Washington dinner. Maybe he was thinking of her admonition to use just one piece of toilet paper.