May 21, 2007 News Update

05/25/2011 12:05 pm ET

British Prime Minister Tony Blair makes farewell visit to White House. Blair and President Bush praise each other for making worst foreign policy decision in American history.

Blair announces he'll step down at end of June. Decision leaves Bush with only himself, Laura, Sen. McCain and Barney the dog as supporters of war in Iraq. Barney reportedly trying to arrange meeting with Nancy Pelosi.

Bush and Democrats continue squabbling over funding for Iraq War. Washington fiddles while Iraq burns.

Bush names "War Czar" for war efforts in Iraq and

Afghanistan. Guess "The Decider" now wants somebody else to decide. Or somebody else to blame for failure.

Jimmy Carter calls Bush Administration's foreign policy worst in history. Obviously thrilled somebody finally has foreign policy worse than his.

Paul Wolfowitz kicked out as World Bank President. Wolfowitz turns out to be Sheepowitz. Can now devote full time to planning war against Iran. But will romance survive?

Congress planning vote of no confidence in AG Alberto Gonzalez. Gonzalez already preparing to not recall the vote.

Republican candidates for president hold second debate. Fred Thompson and News Gingrich caught yawning.

Congress to debate new immigration bill providing complicated provisions for legalizing twelve million illegal aliens in this country. What about the next twelve million illegals?

Daimler Chrysler sells Chrysler to private equity group for $7billion or so after paying $36 billion for Chrysler a few years ago. Worst defeat for Germans since World War II.

Televangelist Jerry Falwall dies unexpectedly. Supporters disappointed no reappearance after three days.

NBC cancels "The Apprentice." Rosie O'Donnell rehearsing how to say "You're Fired" on The View.

Jail sentence for Paris Hilton may be reduced from 45 days to 23. A result of signing up for The LA Diet Plan?

New York Times devotes several column inches to coverage of The Preakness Stakes, but includes no prices for results. Maybe they don't know there's betting involved?