05/05/2008 07:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

May 5, 2008, News Update


Rev. Jeremiah (Jeremiad?) Wright conducts media blitz.
How many Wrights does it take to make a wrong?

Clinton campaign says it's all Wright with them.

Obama wins Guam caucuses by 7 votes. As Guam goes, so go Marshall Islands.

Economists say proposal for suspending gasoline tax for summer by Clinton and McCain represents "pandering" to voters. So, what's new?

Clinton proposes paying for resulting federal revenue shortfall with windfall tax on Big Oil profits. Yeah, and oil will soon be back to $50 a barrel.

President Bush says there's no "magic wand" he can wave to bring down high gasoline prices. Unfortunately, there's no magic wand to make seven years of Bush Presidency disappear.

Bush's disapproval rating hits 71%-approaching his IQ.

Cardinal Egan criticizes ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani for taking communion during Pope's visit despite his approval of abortion rights. Question: How come you never criticized priests who abused children in your Bridgeport diocese and who were allowed to continue practicing and taking communion?

Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James convicted on several counts of fraud and conspiracy. Maybe he should have taken communion during Pope's visit.

Republicans lose congressional seat held since 1974 in New Orleans. Finally, something positive from Katrina.

Big Brown romps in Kentucky Derby. FedEx frantically looking for way to compete.

German-based quartet plays Mozart in Saudi Arabia's first-ever public presentation of European classical music with mixed gender audience. Holy Amadeus

Fifteen-year-old Miley Cyrus, star of Hannah Montana, provokes uproar by appearing scantily clad on cover of Vanity Fair. Rogers Clemens seeking her phone number.