Oct. 15, 2007 News Update

05/25/2011 12:15 pm ET

Good News/Bad News. Good news: American deaths in Iraq dropped to 63 in September.

Bad news: 63 more Americans died for nothing in Iraq.

Al "Ozone Man" Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize. Supreme Court not involved. Jay Leno says VP Cheney now wants to bomb Norway.

Ted Kennedy not impressed enough to drop opposition to energy-producing but view-spoiling windmills off Cape Cod.

US Military Command in Iraq says Iranian Ambassador is member of radical Revolutionary Guard force. Bomb shelter futures rising in Tehran.

Russian President Putin visiting Iran. Guess human rights won't be on agenda.

Fred Thompson makes Republican presidential candidates' debate debut. No Emmy there.

Referring to Hillary Clinton, Lynne Cheney quotes expressions from her father: She has more positions on Iraq than a dog has fleas. She has more positions on Iraq than Carter has little liver pills. That man really had a way with words.

Ed Koch endorses Hillary. First, Norman Hsu. Now this.

Wacko writer Ann Coulter says Jews need to "be perfected" by becoming Christians. So that's why she's dating liberal Democrat Andrew Stein? Guess he likes being "perfected" by her.

John McCain says he would prefer President of USA be a Christian. Maybe he should be dating Ann Coulter.

Conservatives blaming Jane Fonda for energy crisis -- Yes, That Jane Fonda. If she hadn't made that "China Syndrome" movie demonizing nuclear power, you see......

Speaking of movies, Bill O'Reilly denounces "The Bourne Ultimatum" as anti-American. Wait 'til he sees "Rendition" and "Stop Loss."

Fox revs up TV business channel. Wall Street salivates.

Sen. Larry Craig still being inducted in Idaho Hall of Fame. But for a different reason.

Model/TV host Tyra Banks tells audience how she deals with flatulence. What next, a discourse on her period?

Wilf Dinnick leaving ABC to go to CNN. You can hear it now: "Wolf, Wilf...Wilf, Wolf."

But it still ain't "Uma, Oprah.....

Pamela Anderson marries Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. Suppose they exchanged sex tapes as wedding presents?

Marion Jones gives back Olympic medals after confessing to steroid use. Floyd Landis stripped of Tour de France title because of doping. Horse race trainer Patrick Biancone suspended for one year for having illegal drugs in his barn. So, where's baseball?

Taco Bell opening in Mexico City. Mexico threatens to recall Ambassador from Washington.