10/20/2008 10:21 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oct. 29, 2008, news update

OCT. 20, 2008, NEWS UPDATE

John McCain and Barack Obama do stand-up routines at annual Al Smith dinner in New York. Beat the hell out of their debate. Maybe we should forego debates in future and do three Al Smith dinners.

Third debate analyzed as McCain's best. Maybe because moderator was as old as he was.

In debate, McCain mythologized Joe the Plumber. But like many of the McCain campaign ads, Joe turned out to be fraudulent. Not even licensed. Owes back taxes. Let's get back to Joe Six Pack.

McCain sought to link Obama to controversial voter registration organization named ACORN, which named Mickey Mouse as a voter. OK, granted, ACORN a nutty organization.

McCain asserts "I am not President Bush." And Nixon said, "I am not a crook."

McCain campaign complains about media coverage. Like printing criticism from right-wing pundidiots? William Kristol says campaign is "pathetic." Peggy Noonan disparages Sarah Palin selection. Kathleen Parker says Palin should be dropped from ticket. Bush strategist Matthew Dowd says McCain put "country at risk" with Palin selection. Etc. With friends like that....

Kristol also says McCain should fire campaign staff, like Bush fired Rumsfeld and then won the war in Iraq. Just like we won War on Poverty, War on Cancer and War on Drugs.

Jesse Jackson said if Obama elected, Israel and Zionists would lose influence in White House....With friends like that.....Ain't gonna help in HymieStates like Florida, Jesse.

Legislative report says Palin abused her power as Governor of Alaska in Troopergate scandal. Palin says she was "totally vindicated" by report. She obviously knows how to lie on her own without being coached by the McCain campaign.

Palin appears on Saturday Night Live. Ratings soar. McCain appears on Letterman. Ratings soar. Life imitates comedy.

Some people reportedly planning to vote for McCain-Palin ticket so Tina Fey can play Palin for next four years.

Washington Times columnist starts writing about 2012 campaign. Puh-leeze!

Colin Powell endorses Obama. Race trumps party? Obama campaign hoping Condoleezza Rice doesn't follow suit.

Chicago Tribune endorses Obama, first time ever for a Democratic candidate. Col. McCormick turning over in his grave.

Humorist Christopher Buckley endorses Obama, then dumped from National Review. William F. Buckley joins Col. McCormick.

VP Cheney undergoes hospital procedure for irregular heartbeat. (Write you own line here).

Sarah's husband Todd Palin says country's "core values" are hunting and fishing. Just like it says in the Constitution. Or is it in the Preamble?

Oliver Stone's biopic of George W. Bush, "W," released over weekend. Wouldn't Hallowe'en have been more appropriate release date for horror movie? After seven plus years of suffering the Dubya Blues, why would anyone want to waste another two hours watching him in a movie theater? Unless it's for the popcorn.