11/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sept. 21, 2009, News Update (delayed)

Obamathon ! President Obama appears on five-count'em-five Sunday morning talk shows to pitch health care reform.

Wonder if he knows that time period is known in the TV World as the "Sunday Morning Ghetto"?

Five shows included Univision. When the President is interviewed on a Spanish-speaking network, does the interpreter have to be black?

Fox TV excluded from TV media blitz. Pardon my asking, but isn't the Fox audience the people he has to persuade?

Also did Letterman Monday night. Next, QVC, the Home Shopping Network and Food TV.

White House leaks story that President Obama would like NY Gov. David Paterson, one of country's two black Governors, to withdraw from governor's race next year. Racist.

Paterson says he'll run anyway. Oh Yeah? What's he gonna use for money?

NY Mayor Bloomberg tells Paterson to "go for it." Cool it, Mike. You may be next...Besides, you gonna spend $50 million on his campaign as you did on yours?

Obama reportedly worried that Paterson so weak he'll drag down Congressional Democrats next year. Cynics suggest he's concerned Rudy Giuliani will enter race and win and then be in position to challenge Obama in 2012.

Conservative Louisiana David Vitter, whose political career appeared to be over after it was disclosed he cavorted with hookers in New Orleans and DC, said to be making big political comeback by riding anti-Obama sentiments in home state. Family values trumped by racial bias?

Former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned in prostitution scandal, reported to be mulling attempt at political comeback. Sorry, Eliot, you can't do it the Vitter way. But you'd surely get the hooker vote.

Faux Noise takes out full-page ad in NY Times criticizing other TV media for not covering anti-Obama "Tea Party" protest in Washington DC. One problem here-----they all did cover it. Maybe the Foxies watched on the wrong day. They seem to get everything else wrong.

Tea Party leader refers to Obama as "Indonesian Muslim"..."welfare thug"....."racist-in-chief... Must be listening to too much Glenn Beck.

Time Magazine puts Glenn Beck on cover. No wonder there's so much speculation news magazines aren't going to survive.

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at Emmy Awards to suggest Beyonce should have won award instead. Who does he think he is, Joe Wilson?

Obama overheard referring to West as "jackass." Guess West won't be showing up anytime soon at White House dinners.

Former President Jimmy Carter says Rep. Joe Wilson's "You Lie" outburst during Obama speech motivated by racism. Now, Jimmy..... just because he's from South Carolina..

Wilson's wife Roxanne asked him after speech, Who's that Nut who hollered You Lie? Oops.

Venezuela buying $2 billion worth of arms, including missiles NY Times reports could reach US military installations on Aruba and Curacao. Puh-leeze. Isn't that supposed to be a grown-up newspaper?

Jay Leno debuts in prime time. Plus ca change at 12:35, plus c'est la meme chose at 10 PM. Viewership drops from 18 million to 6.6 million in first week. Uh oh.... NBC ain't gonna be saved that way....

Dick Cheney has back surgery in Washington DC hospital. Doctors really looking for a heart.

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