Solyndra: An Ode to Not-So-Clean Energy

11/21/2011 02:36 pm ET | Updated Jan 21, 2012
  • Rick Horowitz Milwaukee Public TV Commentator, Writing Coach, Writing & Editing Consultant

So it's nice to be inventive when you gaze into the sky,
When those warming rays inspire you, give the power cell a try,
Just make sure you're well connected if you want your piece of pie:
So big...
So fast...

When they say they're hot for solar, that's exactly what they mean,
And they're throwing multi-millions if you'll simply say you're "clean,"
Time to call in certain favors, get your hands on all that green:
So crafty...
So cagey...

"Could you use a half a billion?" "Can we guarantee your loan?"
"We're so thrilled to be your partners!" "You're our solar cornerstone!"
Cue the cameras, drive the message: It's a hit! And it's homegrown!
So eager...
So trusting...

But as fast as it comes in, the money flows right out the door,
And your profit margin craters till it's fallen through the floor,
So you do the only thing you can: Go back and ask for more!
So persuasive...
So demanding...

All the warnings brushed aside because they want you to succeed,
All the e-mail pressure pounding: "Give them anything they need!"
While your own internal memos carry fragrant notes of greed.
So dangerous...
So scandalous...

And the watchdogs in the Congress (just arisen from their naps),
Call the bosses in to testify to rumors of collapse,
But your guys keep turning cartwheels when they should be humming "Taps."
So reassuring...
So misleading...

When at last you drop the pretense and admit you're sinking fast,
All your biggest fans at D.O.E. are suddenly aghast:
"Can you keep it yourselves until Election Day is past?"
So political...
So cynical...

Now Obama's foes are pouncing, and they've seldom had such fun,
When he should have seen it coming long before the deeds were done --
'Cause a lot of things go rotten when they're left out in the sun.
So sad...
So bad...

# # #

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