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Sounds of Silence: Judy, Oil-for-Food, and GOP Money

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All the Judy excitement has drawn attention to her coverage of the oil-for-food scandal, which served the neocon agenda against Kofi Annan. I linked a GOP Senator's campaign funds to the scandal last April, and predicted that all the Right's shouting about it would soon be replaced a "deafening silence." Heard much about it lately?

Rumor and innuendo were enough to go on when she went after Annan in the pages of the Times, but it seems that both Judy and the Right lost interest in this story when it started pointing in uncomfortable directions.

(nod to Crooks and Liars and Atrios for linking to the Judy Miller/oil-for-food connection)


UPDATE: Some commenters here are great examples of the" willing suspension of belief" the Right undergoes whenever it fits their agenda. "It's only $1,000," says one. Is that what conservatives would say if that tainted money had gone to ... oh, Hillary Clinton? And speaking of Clintons, here's a phrase from the past: "It's not about the sex ..."

The point here, despite the attempted spin, is not that Saddam and others didn't do bad things, but that the Nickles contribution showed a potential connection between Saddam, Oklahoma/Texas oil money, and US politics.

Wow! What a hot lead for some plucky reporter! But somehow Judy wasn't interested. Hmm ... and suddenly the conservative spin machine suddenly lost interest in a topic they'd been pushing for months. Funny how things happen sometimes.