Real Vampires, Their Human Cattle and Supreme Court Capos: Time to Declare War on Corporate Personhood

01/13/2011 11:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Rob Kall Host, Bottom-up Radio Show WNJC 1360, publisher, and

Are there vampires that "farm" humans for profit? I say that we have them living among us, and the five Supreme Court Justices who just reversed decades of election spending reform are some of their "capos" enabling their evil.

Daybreakers, starring Daniel Day Lewis and Ethan Hawke, portrays a world where vampires have taken over.

Humans are hunted, captured, then stored in facilities, unconscious, to be "farmed" for blood.

A corporation supplies the blood to the vampire population... for a profit.

To vampires, humans are sources of food. To the corporation, humans are sources of profit, with zero consideration for their humanity.

Sound familiar? How far are we from the time when corporations will become more aggressive, more overt in making profits from humans, regardless of the damage done to them?

This week's Supreme Court decision reminds me of how, in concentration camps, "capos" were prisoners who were well treated, in response for betraying their fellow prisoners. Capos were despised traitors. The five conservative, activist members of the Supreme Court who revoked decades of campaign finance reform are like capos, betraying America, betraying democracy. Like vampire enablers, they have handed the keys to the USA's democracy to blood-sucking corporations.

In the real world, corporations are the vampires -- the monsters that suck on human blood, metaphorically.

Spoiler alert.

In the movie, Daybreakers, Ethan Hawke discovers a way to cure the vampires, to turn them human again. There are ways that this can be done with corporations too. First, enact the legislation Bernie Sanders is calling for, to identify corporations that are too big to fail -- not just financial ones, all of them.

Then, take away corporate personhood. Enact laws that enable people to accuse corporations of crimes -- fraud, theft, murder, conspiracy to commit crimes -- and provide harsh punishments, including the death penalty for the corporations and severe penalties, including incarceration, for executives and employees of the corporations.

The vampire theme on television and in books and movies has exploded as of late. It is a meme that is now common in our culture. One has to wonder if underlying that meme, if we dig deep, we'll find corporate blood-sucking as the inspiration, or the base in reality for the flourishing of the idea.