Selected Takes From Twitterers on Obama's Nobel Prize Win

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Here are 50+ tweets: for it, against it, funny, pathetic, many with links to articles.

Click here to see the tweetstream of comments on Obama's Nobel win, or, to see tweets from people who couldn't even spell Nobel, click here. Feel free to add your take on the award in the comments.

Here's mine: @robkall Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize?: maybe it'll give him the spine to do things to deserve it. #p2 #tcot afghanistan

@iMatthew_ RT @baratunde: RT @lizzwinstead: BREAKING FROM GLENNBECKISTAN: ACORN workers registered the Nobel Committee voters

@SeanPCollins The ol' got 'em! RT @wonkroom: RT @brianbeutler: I sure hope the Nobel Committee consulted Olympia Snowe and Ben Nelson about this first...

@somewhere2begin President Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!! SO fucking proud to be an American!!

@BostonMaggie What do Yasar Arafat, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter & Obama have in common? They R examples of how meaningless&capricious Nobel Peace Prize has b/c

@prenneis Who needs the International Olympic Committee when you've got the Nobel Foundation? Congrats to Prez Obama!!!

@BCharmagne I feel like I woke up in Bizarro Land! WTH, is with the Nobel Peace Prize being given to Obama!? *head shaking* & *furrowed brow*

@mimimuircastle Maybe the Nobel Peace prize should be given to the Amer. ppl for knowing how much we needed a new positive attitude toward other countries.

@Mudvillemm Obama Nobel Fun Fact #1: Woodrow Wilson was forced to give up his Nobel after a League of Nations discovery that Wilson was born in Kenya.

@Brandon373 Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize? WTF? For What? The NPP is officially devalued. The MTV VMA award means more, now!

@BorowitzReport Nobel Insider: Beer Summit Sealed It for Obama

@LuvBadger Wow-this Nobel Peace Prize thing IS embarrassing. Isn't anyone concerned that giving it out like candy will ruin the integrity of the award?

@bajachalupa Funny how people are hating on Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Putting someone down for trying to instill peace...yeah, wonderful.

@ofbeingclear And yes, Nobel IS misspelled in the top ten trending topics. Sigh.

@awakndreamng How do you win a peace prize by accelerating a war? What definition of peace is this prize awarded by? #Nobel

@StephenGreene Ya' think? Now it's time to earn it. RT @nprnews Around The World, Obama's Nobel Win Surprises

@csulaiman lose nukes legislation & all the actual DIPLOMACY he's been doing (not being a bully gets noticed) congrats #obama 4 the Nobel Peace Prize

@adam_ellis Does Barack Obama really deserve the Nobel Peace Prize or is it being given in advance of achievements to encourage him?

@jkaizer RT @lukask: RT @Lambo @MitchBenn (..) It's official: George Bush was such an asshole you can win the Nobel Peace Prize just by not being him

@cason444 Nobel peace prize has gone to a VP for producing a PowerPoint presentation & now to a prez for doing nothing in particular.

@DPerk_1 RT @RevYearwood: Congratulations to 44, on winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize... something we know 43 could have never won. Peace not War!

@bludworth RT @BOTeleprompter: Big Guy says Bill Clinton called and was gracious in defeat; offered to fly Kanye West over for the Nobel ceremony.

@wawap RT @KarlFrisch RedState's @ewerickson smears Obama's Nobel Peace Prize as "an affirmative action quota"

@AlexanderChow I am so proud that President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. We (he included) needed a reminder of what a truly remarkable man he is

@robot_noise Let me preface this tweet by saying I voted for Obama and have generally liberal views but.... Nobel Peace Prize? Seriously?

@longbrook Any word on what Obama is going to do with the $10 MIL or so he's receiving from Nobel? Extra rations for the troops he's deploying today?

@mediacritics NOBEL JOKE: 'Two key White House aides were both convinced they were being punked..'

@amyc15 RT @cbellantoni: RT @ezraklein: Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. "He's just got great chemistry," says Nobel Comm.

@jpotisch Exactly. RT @codinghorror: World bestows surprise Nobel Peace Prize upon Obama. THAT is how f'ing sick of Bush they were. Wow.

@Luv_Me_Do RT @BOTeleprompter Big Guy unsure for which peace effort he won Nobel: health care, Afghanistan, Iran or North Korea. all worked out so well

@GrowthSolutions Color me clueless. I thought you actually had to do something to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

@IdaFlo President Obama Receives Nobel Peace Prize. War on the Womb Continues

@Zener39 RT @SamiShamieh Time: Why Winning the Nobel Peace Prize Could Hurt Obama. #ObamaFail #tcot

link is to Time Magazine which writes;

But Obama has been in office eight months. His ambitious hopes for a
peace deal in the Middle East and a nuclear-free world are just getting
started. No doubt the Nobel Committee want this prize to add momentum
to those plans. But the award also risks adding to the huge burden of
expectations that Obama carried when he entered office. The reality of
governing has already proved how ridiculous many of those expectations
were. (See pictures of Barack Obama's nation of hope.)

And now Obama is the Nobel Peace Prize winner. "Frankly it seems
premature when he hasn't been in office even a year yet, and has not
yet actually achieved the goals he set out -- although he certainly has
made some very noteworthy efforts," says Mark Fitzpatrick, Senior
Fellow for Non-proliferation at the London-based International
Institute of Strategic Studies. "I think he will be embarrassed by it
and it will be unhelpful in the domestic milieu."

That's an understatement. As TIME's Mark Halperin notes on The
Page, "Barack Obama's critics have long accused him of being a man of
'just words,' rather than concrete actions and accomplishments. The
stunning decision to award him the Nobel Peace Prize for, basically,
his rhetoric, will almost certainly infuriate his detractors in America
more than it will delight his supporters." (Read Mark Halperin's take on The Page.)

@ekump Apparently all you gotta do for a nobel prize is turn the US in2 a socialist no-backboned mess aka france

@cobeete RT @Pixel_Jonan: Bernard Madoff Nobel de Economía... no?

@BabblingStacey I kinda wonder... & HA! RT @MoRocca Nobel Peace Prize officially awarded to "Not George Bush." Most passive aggressive Nobel ever? #fb

@fgirodolle :-)) RT @ad_astra2: SOOO want to be a writer for the #Onion today! "NASA Bombs Moon. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize."

@familiargleam My president is a Nobel Peace Prize winner!

@immamac RT @debrahendrix: Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize The "trolls" are going nuts over this one! I love it! Congratulation ...

@prashantmahajan #Hilarious - Obama gets reward(#Nobel Peace Prize) for world view - Norwegian committee is honoring his intentions more thn his achievements

@nickcalder Geeze, from what I see in the Twittersphere, Obama's a real bastard for having the audacity to be awarded the Nobel Prize... #obama

@DmitriGunn Wondering if Kanye West will be attending the Nobel awards ceremony in Oslo?

@daveains Deadlines for #Nobel nomination is Feb 1, meaning Obama was nom. ~10 days after inauguration: insult to ppl who have given decades 4 peace.

@Skygak Newest
thing the Taliban and the GOP have in common (in addition to ignorant
fundamentalism and love of violence): they scorn BHO's Nobel.

@tealkra RT @NickDeringer: The fix was in. The deadline for Nobel nominations ended just 2 WEEKS after BHO was elected.

@chechunor RT @cloneofnachof: I'm not Bush either, do I also get a Nobel prize?

@kurtgonska "Only
very rarely has a person to same extent as Obama captured world's
attention & given its people hope for a better future." -Nobel comte

@sthulbourn RT @nicktelford: RT @iA President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for not being President Bush like Windows 7 gets medals for not being Vista.

@StuZang Of course Republican presidents are capable of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, too. Why, Teddy Roosevelt won just 103 years ago!

@jrsobeck Obama wins Nobel prize??? For what? Rhetoric? It's like giving the Heisman trophy to a freshman just because he has potential. Please.

@DubCook @cshaunjones Oh, I just saw...the Nobel. Wow! But, I thought he was just "making America look weak"?

@lemurrhea Man I totally want to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine as an incentive to my possible cure of cancer that might come up in the future.

@mike9r Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for shooting lasers at the moon! Right?

@burleyjohn Check this op-ed in the NYT on the Nobel Peace prize awarded to Obama.

(it's not the NY Times.) But here's the headline he's linking to: Comment: absurd decision on Obama makes a mockery of the Nobel peace prize

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