11/16/2011 03:33 pm ET | Updated Jan 16, 2012

The GOP as the WWE

For the past year, a frenzied discussion has revolved around which Republican candidate will receive the presidential nomination.

I have more than 25 years of experience in broadcast television and one of my jobs was Supervising Producer at World Wrestling Entertainment, which perhaps explains my unique understanding of the GOP candidates.

Professional wrestling has two distinct categories: Heels and Babyfaces. In wrestling jargon, heels are the bad guys and display a wide range of nefarious and sometimes wacky behavior. Babyfaces are the fan favorite and these characters are always portrayed as heroes and are usually the champion.

So, how does the GOP match up using the WWE model?

Rick Perry (Heel): He stirs up trouble for himself and his party by continual gaffes where he forgets names of key government agencies and has a family hunting camp with a name I will not repeat here. When Perry held a prayer rally, earlier this year, 50 Houston religious leaders, led by the Anti-Defamation League, signed a letter expressing their concern that he was "sending an official message of religious exclusion" to non-Christians.

Michelle Bachmann (Heel): Bachmann claimed a woman vaccinated against HPV suffered from retardation as a result. Has mistaken New Hampshire for Massachusetts and called John Quincy Adams a founding father despite the fact that he was 9 years old when The Declaration of Independence was signed. There is a laundry list of inaccurate, idiotic comments. Bachmann's religious zealotry is constantly prevalent, and her discussion of abortion is wildly unnecessary during time of economic hardship when people need real leadership and guidance.

Herman Cain (Heel): His inability to answer questions about Libya stunned people from both parties and were truly the opposite of the leadership we expect and need from a president. Tax experts from both sides have criticized Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan and have agreed that lower and middle class families would carry a much larger burden with his plan. He is besieged with charges of sexual harassment.

Mitt Romney (Babyface): he has all of the WWE hero attributes: handsome, charming and successful. He comes across as smart and articulate and is certainly more of a centrist than the other candidates. His health care program was successful in Massachusetts, yet he has been forced to apologize for implementing it. One thing is clear: Mitt Romney is the only candidate with a chance of beating President Obama in the upcoming election.

I find it terribly disappointing that the GOP wastes time parading around candidates with no chance of winning the presidency instead of presenting the American public with intelligent options and alternatives to what Obama and other democrats have to offer.

I'd rather tune in to the WWE and watch the pros in action.

Rob Taub appears regularly on Fox News Live and is Director of New Media for Keller Williams NYC