10/24/2013 05:53 pm ET

Robbie Conal on the ImageBlog

"MITT EMPTY THOUGHT BUBBLE," GUERRILLA STREET POSTER, 2012. Location: Mar Vista, CA. "Improved," by Anonymous.

I did this painting early on, then worried the text to death—mainly because Mitt really had no substantive thoughts, except a will to power. Very little to spin. So that became the subject. Here he is: trying very hard to think of something, but...nothing comes to him. Applying good old aesthetic distance to the issue, I just went with it. So it's my one Zen street poster. Also, I just knew that, given the implicit invitation, our volunteers and many others would apply their own thoughts, their own ideas about MITT's lack of thoughts, and/or critiques of my nothingness, to that juicy, blank bubble above MITTBUBBLE'S head.

We received 100's of unsolicited, yet very welcome, jpegs of all sorts of "improvements." Regular, ordinary Americans have a wicked-quick—linguishtick (don't ask)—sense of humor. I'm very grateful for that. Thank you.