08/20/2010 06:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Democrats Write Checks to Appearing on Fox

Hey high profile Democrats, want to raise money for some Republican candidates? It's easy, just make a cameo on one of Fox's programs.

We've long known that Fox News is anything but "fair and balanced." We've known that they are overtly biased, conservative,
racist, Republican and pro-Tea Party.

But in case all of that was not clear enough, News Corp, Fox News' corporate parent, recently gave $1 million dollars to the Republican Governors Association. One million dollars! That would be the Republican Governors Association's largest corporate donation this election cycle.

As we at Brave New Films have long documented via our Outfoxed documentary and our Fox Attacks Campaign, Fox News exists to highlight fights and a mob wrestling of conservative voices. This only works when Democrats provide the necessary fodder. They need a Democrat to throw to the lion's den, to cut off and to disagree with. It is the appearance of Democrats that allows for Fox to keep up the entertainment value of shouting and insulting. If Democrats refuse to appear on Fox, Fox loses its entertainment edge. And by losing its edge, it loses its audience. And by losing its audience, it loses its financial gain.

For too long we have played around. Democrats have argued that Fox News was a legitimate enough of an organization to appear on. They are not. And each time a Democrat appears on a Fox News program, they help provide entertainment value and audience draw. Agreeing to appear on Fox equals agreeing to support their financial gain and thus to support Republican candidates - to the tune of $1 million dollars.

With so much at stake in our country today, we can no longer afford to play such games. We can no longer afford to collude with an overtly conservative medium and financial entity that promotes bigotry, hate and inequality.

The word is out and the message is clear: Any Democrat who appears on Fox is supporting a financial structure that allows for Republican gain. And claiming the cover of "fair and balanced" is now as convincing as claiming that money doesn't matter in politics. It's time to draw a line. Fox News is a Republican support machine. They should never be treated as anything but that. And all Democrats must declare that they will no longer fund this right wing operation and that they will refuse to appear on any Fox News program.

Fox News isn't a news organization. It's not even just a propaganda machine any longer. It is a funding machine for the right wing, with the express financial focus of electing Republicans to office.

Turn off Fox and refuse to appear on their programs, or you might as well just sign a blank check to any Republican candidate of Fox's choosing.